Audioquest subwoofer cables

Does anyone have any experience with any one of them? Try looking up some reviews with no luck.
I have Audioquest sub 3 and have been very happy with it. It runs from my prepro to a Velodyne HGS 18 sub. It replaced a much older Mit cable, which it crushed. Audio Advisor and Music Direct sell them with a 30 day trial period.
Good luck Pete
Thanks, deciding between the sub 1 and 3.
The sub 3 is a lot better compared to the 1. Don;forget that in about 1 months there will be many new ones. The new line has 6 different subwoofer cables. The top model is the Wild Dog. Pure silver and can become the new ref for subwoofer cables.
Thanks, if it really is in 1 month, then I can wait.
The sub 3 for a good price is also an option.
The sub 3 is a top option
It uses 6% zilver, and yes it is great. But the new ones are even avaiable at 100% silver. Wild Dog, timing and speed will be superior.
I have two B&W subwoofers in my listening room. One is fed by an AQ Sub-A and the other by an AQ Sub-X, both approx the same distance in length. I honestly cannot tell the difference. I've tried to tell but can't No real need to spend anymore than this level. I've got more tight and clean bass in this room than I 'll ever know what to do with. Don't go nuts spending a fortune on sub-woofer ICs. The big plus with AQ subwoofer cables is that 3rd ground wire connection for eliminating hum. That truly does work and it's completely eliminated the hum I was experiencing.