Audioquest Storm Series power cables

I have been reading about Audioquest storm series here at Agon since they were released unfortunately they are so expensive and never bother to take them seriously. I like their mid price ic and speakers cables especially their old model.This past weekend Music Direct has warehouse sales demo and returns, I spoke to the rep ask for a good deal for three pc 2 hurricane High current 1 meter , one 2 m tornado high current pc.Bless to have a good deal. Hurricane went to my Plinius amp, one hurricane pc  connected to my Ruby sacd player, tornado pc connected to my power conditioner, Indeed the musical impact did to both system is amazing , I will try to update after 50 hrs. 


Ozzy I decided to connect my hurricane to my eden pure space heater with the dedicate audio burn in adapter, 72 hours is required but maybe I will do only 48 hrs.


I'm not sure if plugging the power cord into a heater is much better than your audio system based on break in time. 


Reason why I plug on heater, Because my Marantz Ruby will not be able to burn this pc .I just happen to like it on Ruby.