Audioquest Storm Series power cables

I have been reading about Audioquest storm series here at Agon since they were released unfortunately they are so expensive and never bother to take them seriously. I like their mid price ic and speakers cables especially their old model.This past weekend Music Direct has warehouse sales demo and returns, I spoke to the rep ask for a good deal for three pc 2 hurricane High current 1 meter , one 2 m tornado high current pc.Bless to have a good deal. Hurricane went to my Plinius amp, one hurricane pc  connected to my Ruby sacd player, tornado pc connected to my power conditioner, Indeed the musical impact did to both system is amazing , I will try to update after 50 hrs. 


I think the Audioquest power cables are easy to burn in because of the batteries attach to them.Is that true?

The Cardas Audio Clear Beyond Power XL in combination with the V12 Amplifier yielded one of those unforgettable, you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me moments an audiophile never forgets! The XL was easily 25% more detailed, produced a blacker background, was smoother than my already smooth reference, and captured timbral realism beyond my ability to describe in English. Like the fictional Red Violin, maybe George has captured DNA and infused it into this power cord such that it reveals not just a great recording, but a great performance just a few feet in front of you. I had to remind myself, this was just a power cord change, not an additional super widget component. The resulting system improvement in realism and mellifluousness with just one Cardas Audio Clear Beyond Power XL was fantastic and unassailable”.
Love reading reviews such as this, almost poetic humour. And to think that came out of someone’s mouth.

Ozzy I decided to connect my hurricane to my eden pure space heater with the dedicate audio burn in adapter, 72 hours is required but maybe I will do only 48 hrs.