AudioQuest Storm series PC's are now 12awg

I downloaded the new Audioquest US 2019 price list yesterday and noticed that all of the Storm series PC’s are now 12awg, last years they were 11awg. Does anybody know why the change? Was it to make the PC’s more flexible? I was about to buy two more tornados to finish off my my PC’s. I currently have a Tornado on both of my Rotel amps ( RMB-1585 and RMB-1575), Marantz 8805 and one on my Furman conditioner and had a left over Thunder which I put on my oppo 203 because I had nothing else to use it for so why not. My two JL F112v2’s have cheap Wireworld stratus 7’s. JL told me not to put anything less than 12awg on them because that is what the stock cables are.  JL also said that an expensive PC is not really needed for a sub because you are just dealing with low frequency and a cord with good shielding is all you really need.  I thought about getting a tornado source cord for my processor and then getting another thunder for my other sub but now they are 12awg not 11awg I would have two different gauge PC's on identical subs.  
Good catch, I never noticed the change.  Glad I have first gen Thunders. I doubt going from 11-12 gauge makes them any more flexible though.  I may consider Monsoon or Blizzard for my sources, still using NRG 10s there.