Audioquest Sterling?????

Can someone tell me what Audioquest Sterling physically looks like.Is it larger or smaller diameter than Audioquest Clear? Thanks
Pretty sure its smaller. The Dragon is the same diameter as the Clear.
sterling is bigger and better than clear
Both Clear and Sterling are 10 AWG, grey jacket.
Thanks for your responses. The cable i have is 3/4 inch across the cable has a black briad over grey cableso it sounds as if it Sterling
OK, my first post was "off the cuff". I checked the Aq cable chart. Hasse is right. The Clear and the Sterling are the same size. In fact, the AQ Midnight, Clear,Sterling and Dragon are all 10 awg cables with 14 conductors. The difference is the metal. Midnight is all FPC copper, Clear SE is FPC 6 copper and FPS silver, Sterling is FPC 6 copper and FPS silver as well, but with more silver conductors, and Dragon is of course all FPS silver. The Sterling resided between the Clear and the Dragon in terms of price and quality in the old AQ line, so Hotrod is partially correct. I have nver seen the Sterling in the flesh, so no idea what it looks like.
I own both Sterling and Clear. Physically the Sterling is smaller in diameter with a grey jacket. While they may both have 10AWG and same number of strands, the Sterling diameter is slightly smaller. The sound of the Sterling is subjectively better. It's a bit smoother (no loss of detail), but I get better bass response from the Clear.
abstract7 is Close, I own both as well. The cable should tell you what it is. both are gray the clear is all copper. the new sterling is silver and copper and both are about the same size How ever the First version of Sterling was pure silver and about 1/4" in dia. I own a set as well
I have 2 versions of clear and the jacket on both of them is blue. The sterling is the only one in grey--it's a dark grey at that.
ditto with Abstract, my clear is dk. blue. first glance looks like a pumped-up midnite.
Something tells me AQ should have come up with different names as they "improved" their cables. My Clear SE's have copper (10 total in 17 and 19 awg) and silver (frou, in 21 awg) conductors, and have a shiny medium grey braided jacket. I think, however, that earlier versions of the Clear were indeed all copper. No clue when they made the change. Messy, isn't it? I have a copy of the AQ Cable Theory pamphlet from 1998, and the description sez the Clear is dark and the Sterling dark gray. Of course, they change the damned cosmetics again the next year, at least for the Clear SE (as far as I can tell, the only thing that changed was the jacket. The Sterling in this pamphlet had eight silver conductors (21 and 19 awg) and six copper conductors (17 awg). You should by now be thoroughly confused. :-) Crack open a beer or two, sit back, enjoy the music and forget about it! If it sounds good, it IS good!
after all the info your right,time for a beer or 2 and some tunes thanks to all of u for your help
Has anyone of the AudioTruth owners out there compared their cables to other brands? I´m currently driving my DNA-1 dlx/ Maggie 3.6 combo with a double run of Argent+ but I´m curious to know how they compare to other brands like the Kimber Select, Tara Air, etc.
Thanks for your time on responses.