Audioquest Speakers Argent And Sterling

I decided to connect them together to see if it will work, the Argent from amp then Sterling To Speakers, IT WOrkS , the sound Iam getting is the Sterling sound, more clearer, tight bass, smoother, wider soundstage.,,Have you agoners tried this?
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Reason why I decided to connect them my Sterling is only 4ft, I need 8ft, Argent is 8ft, I miss the Sterling sound quality, and I hate spending $500 without using it.
Today I listen again, the sound is more smoother, and sweet, if you have short speaker cables with high Quality , try to connect it with your other speaker cables, you might get liucky like me, Iam still amaze , how much music iam getting...
Pops because many times we sell our short speaker cables because our mono blocks were sold , I did not have any expectation, it’s pure trial but it works,