audioquest speaker cables and levinson amp

My system is ML 39,380s,332 Thiel 2.2 I use CZ Gel or Cardas
Golden Cross interconnect. My speaker cables are Audioquest Clear+ or Audioquest Sterling.
My question is the Audioquest Clear work good but when I use the Audioquest Sterling the sound is thinner and seems kind of odd less of everything...
I sent the Sterling to Audioquest to get them evaluated and they did extensive testing and said they were fine.
When I received the back I tried again and got the same sonic result as before.
I listed them for sale and sold them and the new owner sent me a message saying they sounded great!!!!
His system was Classe ca 200 and a pair of magniplanars speakers.
So why didn't these high end speaker cables integrate into my system
I have seem that other people have used Sterling with a levinson amp
And prior to owning the Thiels I had B&W 801 S3 and had the same sonic results using the Sterling Speaker cables
ML331 & Cardas GoldenCross Ref.
I have 2 think in common with you (above) and never experience Audioquest ultra expensive cables but Sterling sounds like a silver'ish' cable.
I tried kimber before but interconnects, the silver line (don't remember exact name, .5M $300) not cheap cable at all.
My best guess is solid state, especially ML, does not mix with anything in the silver family.
Seems you like AQ cables. Have you try Acoustic Zen. Straightwire. They 'sing' in my 331.
It could be a simple matter of preference. In addition, there isn't always the same synergy in one system as compared with another
I had the 802 s3's and both of the AQ cables you mention. The last thing you want to do with your speakers is use a silver cable; especially an older one. Also, the newer AQ cables are much better than the older ones you had. Something like a CV-8 would be a very good match for your speakers.
I have found with ML 331-336 line of amps that the middle transparent line works well. Even the older transparent middle of the line work well with ML amps.