Audioquest/SME 10 DIN cable issues on the Wild model

I was able to find a used Wild model which I though would be a great upgrade from the original VdH cable that came with the table.  The DIN will not fit into the housing and looks several millimeters larger in diameter.   Does anyone have any experience with this issue and could offer a possible solution.  


Hello Tommy - Audioquest does not offer phono cables with DIN connectors - they use a JIS connector which is the Japanese version of a DIN (which is German).  The JIS pin configuration is the same, but the outer shell of the JIS is larger than a DIN connector and therefore will not fit arms where the DIN is in a recessed housing.  This has long been an issue with Audioquest phono cables.  Fortunately, as far as I know, Audioquest is the only major manufacturer that uses a JIS connector rather than a DIN.

Thank you very much for the information.  That explains everything.  So I guess my choices are to mill  it down or replace the end?

I would replace the end with one of the Cardas DIN connectors that allow you to rotate the top 90 degrees if necessary for other than SME use.  Milling down the housing is a distant second choice.  Good Luck!