Audioquest Sky VS Kimber 1030 SE

Does anyone have any opinions concerning these cables?

you may want to take a look at kubala-sosna research
I know both, i think you can find better cables.
The Sky is ok but too expensive for what it does, the Kimber 1030 is special... very colored cable imho, with it you get a lot of air but once you understand what it really does you want to remove it.

Would you mind stating what cable that you think is better than Sky and 1030?

I am also looking for a pair in this range.
It depends of your system synergy but Kubala Sosna or Acrolink have some very good products for example.
They both are good cables. I have Kimber KS-1036, KS-1136 and Sky ICs.

I had the Sky and it's a very good cable. Very neutral, linear from top to bottom, airy and a touch warmth but not at expense of detail/resolution.
Can't go wrong with the Sky in its price range. Smooth, neutral and musical, will never bother you. Just disappears in your system and the only time you know it was there is when it is not. Ponder that!