Audioquest Sky Interconnects

Anyone have an opinion on these interconnects? I searched and can't find much commentary. Comparisons to Ridge Street, Audience, Synergisitc et al would be very helpful.

Cary 306-200
BAT VK300xse
Maggie 1.6

If I may, I would suggest checking into the Virtual Image Pile Driver 18 interconnects. I've tried the Audience Au24 cables in my system before and didn't really care for them, I found the Au24's to be thin on the bottom end. At that time I was doing an A-B between the Au24's and some Straightwire Crescendo's, I preferred the Crescendo's. I then heard that V.I. had introduced some new IC's and couldn't resist the urge to try them out, I use their power cables and love them. After giving the V.I. cables some time to burn in, I started doing an A-B with the Crescendo's. After about 5-6 days worth of burn in I found them to equal to the Crescendo's and after 9-10 days they surpassed the Crescendo's. The V.I. cables have better bass, more air, and cast a wider soundstage. I can't recommend these cables highly enough. If you would be interested in trying them you can contact Al at Virtual Image via e-mail, ,he is in New Jersey. He offers a 30 day money back policy on all of his standard cables, in this case it would be a 4 foot pair of interconnects w/ Cardas RCA's. He has the cables priced at $175 for a 4 foot pair and $150 per pair if you buy more than one. If you have any questions that I can answer about my experience with the Virtual Image interconnects, or power cables, feel free to e-mail me. I have also placed several posts here on Audiogon about the V.I. products, you can look them up in the discussion forums by searching for "Virtual Image".
My view on the SKY cable is that it is way to expensive for the results yielded with use. You can pick some up used for the $800-$900 range. There is SOO much better for less money. I do not spending money either on gear or cables as I have owned tons of products.

The AQ had a somewhat wierd characteristic when I played around with it. It sounds artificial to me. It did offer great dynamics and a big sound stage but it was forward and not tonally accurate on my system. Not to mention, my system is pretty simple as it consists of a Cary Tube Integrated, a single source, and a pair of monitors.

I had better results with the Au24. I have seen many comments on it having less bass than other cables and I would regard that comment as accurate. However, I would also categorize the Au24 as accurate and not BLOATED like the AQ cables.

Anyway, give them a try and see because it is all about Syngery with you system but I was NOT impressed. Good Luck.
i agree with the is system synergy and your taste. my taste runs towards "plush" - smooth and accurate

i have had good luck with the following:

straightwire crescendo ic's(current)- neutral / big & bold / does everthing right.
xlo signature - neutral ( can sound lean in some systems)
discovery plus 4 & essence - slightly "silky" cable
Wireworld Eclipse V - similar to straightwire but slightly differnt mid presentation.
nordost valkyrja. - nice but wayyyyyyy overpriced. the crescendo does somethings better and 1/3 the price. the nordost is a little leaner.

try to auditon as many cables as you can and different combinations. you might be surprised on what works.

hope that helps,

I have listened to these cables on my Krell Mono blocks and preamplifier. They do that the lid right of the speakers. Open up the top like no other interconnect I have had the pleasure or displeasure of listening too.

Because they use silver as their conductor I found that the Sky cables show the the limitations of your equipment like no other cable.

I reccommend them only for the guy that has 30K plus invested in power pre and appropriate speakers.

I agree somewhat with what you are saying yet I have to disagree. I would not put Krell Monoblocks in a League above most any good Tube amplifier. I mean if you open them up, there are PC boards and copper wire used internally. My Cary Signature for example is wired internally with Kimber Silver and is all point to point wiring with NO PC BOARDS. Solid State is Solid State and some people like it, I would rather hear things though tubes.

Back to my point though; wouldn't the Silver internal wiring reveal limitations as well no matter what the cost? I think again it all boils down to system synergy. I was a big fan of AudioQuest products and used their Diamondx3, Anaconda with great results. The Au24 simply out classed the SKY in my audition. Again, I think it is all synergy.

I would also dare to say that most $30K plus systems that I have auditioned can be out down with a little know how on set up and with only half the money to spend. Anyway, not trying to start a HOLY WAR here but that is my assesment...

i have to agree with the kid even though i run ss amps ( i am a creature of convience. a tube pre-amp is a hassle enough)

tube amps have a "presence' that ss amps cant touch ( even the halcro mono's - the bats tube mono's were 1/2 the price and better sounding imo)

getting back to the original post...

silver interconnects / speaker cables are definelty very, very system and taste dependant ( your mileage may vary).

you really need to try them in your system or pu a used pair at a fair price to audition( if they dont work out, you can sell them and break even)

my 2 cents...