Audioquest Sky/Evrest or Purist Dominus/Anniversar

I have for the moment cables for my systems: Audioquest Sky interconnect Balance and Evrest Speakers cables and Power cables Elrod Satement.

I have envie to update to the Purist Audio: Dominus ferox or 20th Anniversary Interconnects/Speakers & Power Cord ?. Any comment or recommendation for this crazy and expensive decision ?.

Thank you.

What is your equipment and what do you like/dislike about the AQ cables.
I have used Audioquest Sky ( and others ) in the past, good cables. But, in MY system Purist has been the best by FAR. Yes, they are expensive, but you do get what your paying for . Using Anniversary Interconnects & Dominus Speaker Cables. Power Cords are a combo of both Anniv. & Dominus.
IMHO I think it should be a major upgrade.
Good luck
I can tell you some of MY experiences in MY system........... I had the AUdioquest SKY XLR's between my CD and preamp. I have Purist Venustas pretty much everywhere else. I auditioned from the Cable Co. Purist Auqeus Aniversary, Cardas Neutral ref, and another pair of Purist Venustas.

To make a long story short I greatly preferred the Venustas to all the other cables. The Sky were my second choice, but they didn't have as good tonality as Venustas. On initial listening I thought they had more resolution, but the more I listened the more I noticed the Venustas had as much (or more) resolution but didn't sound spot lit on top............. From most accounts the Dominus sounds even better than Venustas (I can't aford them myself)....... Like they always say though............... YMMV.

I haven' heard the Dominus, but I have heard the Venustas and own Sky. IMO Venustas is far from beeing natural cable - it has been noted by many ppl on this and other forums who have tried it. Basicly, it is closed in on top and not very transparent.

Of course, with some brighter, harder sounding stuff (like Cmo's Theta CDP) it actually may help. But you cannot use this cable as a benchmark. Almost any cable compared to Venustas - be it Valhalla Sky, TA Reference, Fadel Coherence - will have an elevated treble response for that reason.

IMO you should try first before you buy. I have tried many top tier cables before getting the sky (namely Valhalla, TA Reference w/MM, Fadel Coherence) and much preffered the Sky, as the most "complete" sounding of the lot. Same for my Everest speaker cables. I'd love to hear the Dominus stuff though.
Hi Razen,

I have recently gone through what you are thinking about. I upgraded my IC's from AQ Sky to both the Purist Anniversary (from CDP to Pre) and DOminus Ferox from pre to amps. These IC's are a definite improvement over the AQ Sky. The most significant improvement came when I added the Purist Anniversary IC between the CDP and Pre. The music did not lose anything that the SKY gives you, but it became far more coherent and tonally realistic sounding (best way that I can describe it). And this was with the Sky still between the pre and amps. I then subsequently replaced Sky between the pre and amps with the Dominus Ferox IC. System was even better, but the change was not as dramatic as adding the Anniversary. I was also using the AQ Kilimanjaro speaker wires. I have replaced those with Prana Wire Cosmos speaker cables. These are quite good and complement the Purist IC's in my system extremely well. (I haven't heard the Purist speaker wires but I am sure they are great as well). I also use Elrod Statement PC's on my amps - and they are staying. I have auditioned the Purist Dominus Fluid PC on my CDP and pre - and while it was good, it didn't improve my system sound - just changed it. I am now auditioning the Purist Anniversary power cord - this is a definite improvement compared to the Dominus Fluid cord that I heard - I like what I am hearing so far in my listening tests on my preamp. Hope this helps.
Fjn04 Thank you,

My System:

Analog,KLYNE 7 Phono Preamp, VIOLA Bravo/Spirito
Amps/Preamp, AERIAL 20T Speakers, AUDIOQUEST Sky/Evrest Cables, SOUND APPLICATION, ELROD Statement/Signature
Power Cord, SOUND ANCHOR/SYMPOSIUN Stand/Platform.

Thank you.
On my system, Purist cables sound dark - not necessarily closed in, just dark, and not very lifelike. The midrange, is just oh so drippy smoothe. I tried all kinds of cables, and Audioquest Sky and silver speaker cables sounded very, very, real. I checked out Anti-Cables and the sound was nearly the same. I am using Anti-Cables..they are a no brainer. Some people say twisting them is better, I did twist them, but found that straight was better.