Audioquest silver extreme interconnects

Has anyone used Audioquest silver extreme interconnects? They are offered on HCM Audio for $80.00 and are highly recommended by one of their staff. However, I can find no information about them.
Just a guess but usually when new cables are offered at a deep discount price it because they either are not doing well in the Marketplace or not popular for other reasons..If I were to spend $80 blind I would spend $20 more and go Anticables....
highly recommended by one of their staff

I bet they are!!
I think these are not AQ's regular line but a special offering for a large internet dealer. Much like Audio Advisor's AQ Black Mamba II.
"Silver Extreme" a strange name given that the cheaper silver interconnects from Audioquest are the Niagara at $1200 for 0.5m. The "Silver Extreme" are either not silver or not from Audioquest or both which I suspect.
I bought two pair of these for the analog side of my system, and feel like the chesire cat. The conductor was one of AQ two top conductors before they came out with the dbs series. when the conductor was discontinued, hcn bought what was then a surplus by the bulk spool; i. e. cheap. After several years, they are simply trying to get rid of the stock, and it is a real bargain. Performance wise it compares to the Colorado. I'm not too proud to buy bargain stuff and laugh at the savings. I have put together a $30k rig for about
$12k outlay by getting a "short list" and a wish list and waiting for demos, open box, inventory clearout, etc. Spend more money if you want, but my analog side came to life with these interconnects.
Which conductor was it? Lapis ?
Many Audioquest cables from Hong Kong on ebay.
Are they authentic?
I ordered a 2m set of these- and will be adding eichmann bullet plugs to the ends in place of the connector that arrives with the cable. If they sound okay- I'll do a decent comparison with the current Colombia interconnects from RCA.
What is the bass performance from these? I ask because I know some cables, especially budget ones, that perform well on the highs tend to be weak on the low end.
I have a pair. Tey are like other silver cables - extreme detail, superb base, but the mids get a little hot - not real hot but a little. Do they have an edge, yse - how bad depends upon your systm. I'm running rogue 99 and 90, the are a little hot (3 on a scale of 10) on this so watch. I run them with the colorado. They are as clear and detailed as the colorado Good cable if you aren't bright to begin with.
I bought these cables and love them, they sound much better than the copper Audioquest cables they replaced. Much more detail and more natural sounding, not bright either, at least in my system.