AudioQuest Rocket 88 72v DBS

Recently I moved my stereo set. It used to sit between the two speakers. I used to have NBS active IV speaker cables. But these were much to short, so I sold these.

However now I need about 6 to 7 meters (20-23foot). Cables tend to become very expensive at that length. First I was looking at Tara Labs but I fear these are well out of budget.

However someone mentioned the AudioQuest Rocket 88 75v DBS as more affordable alternative. So what do you think?

My system:
Master One speakers (A Dutch brand, 2 way with SEAS drivers)
Symphonic Line La Musica integrated amp
CEC TL51x transport
Wadai 12 DAC
RCM Sensor phono amp
Scout TT
Te Katora Rua cart
Your Symphonic Line integrated is wired with Groneberg cable, why not call Odyssey Audio (no affiliation) and order a pair of their Quattro Reference cable? I bought a 20 foot pair for a grand about 3 years ago. I am using an Odyssey amp which is a clone of the Symphonic Line equipment and the results are amazing. It's like your amp extending all the way to your speakers.

Prior to that I had an expensive pair of Audioquest and a pair of MIT cables. The Gronebergs blow them all away. The music flows so easily with these cables.