Audioquest Rocket 88

Greetings everyone,
A handful of audio dealers have recommended AQ Rocket 88 speaker wire. When I searched the internet (including Audiogon), I found very little information.

Any Rocket 88 users around here? Can any folks, including dealers, comment on this cable?

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I just bought the rocket 88 with the 72V DBS. After it was broken in for a week I was surprise on how clear and clean the music is. I use to have the rocket 33 which is ok but the rocket 88 was just phenominal. Lots of info if you google it.
Glad you are enjoying your cable. How did you choose it?

I didn't have the same Google experience as you. Very little information. As you can see, yours was the only informed reply in this thread so far on 'Gon.
Hey Miketuason,
I don't have any more information, but I did end up picking up a pair of Rocket 88 non-DBS from I've been using it in my 2-channel system for the past month or so with great results. Good value for the money.
Does it have the plug for the DBS though, because you can order the DBS separately if you like. Try his web site, it should give you some info about the Rocket 88:
Thanks for your question. I'm not sure if my non-dbs Rocket88 has the plug for the DBS. Will check later when I get home.