Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cable. Any good??

I read a short review in Stereophile from 2011 about the Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cable. Has anyone tried it or the next step up the Rocket 44. If so, is this cable competitive with more expensive wire, or at least as good as the Audio Art SC-5SE or the Kimber Kable TC-12 ???
This might be some help. Keep in mind cables generally are system dependent. That said there are usually sonic traits to specific cables. I have tried many speaker cables in my system, of those I had the 44s and the 12tc. What I recall compared to the 12tc the 44s had a bit more mid clarity but did not sound natural overall. The 12tc sounded more natural with a fuller bottom but I felt the mids were somewhat veiled and muted. For a low cost cable the 2 that stood out of many were the audience conductor and jps labs super conductor fx . Best
For me, in my system, the rocket 44's had good mids and that was it. Kind of dull, not detailed, weak bass. Wouldn't pay $200 for them, that's for sure. I've got a 7 foot pair. If you're interested, I'd let them go for $50.
I'm interested?!