Audioquest Robin Hood Zero

I'm considering buying an AQ Robin Hood Zero cable. However I can't find any comparison to the old flat rock series which I have the possibility to buy at a much lower price.
Comparing gauge, the old Castle Rock is 12AWG compared to 15 AWG for the Robin Hoood.
Obviously gauge isn't everything but it seems like quite a difference.
The RH uses AQ's new zero technology which seems to be the primary difference.

Has anbody had a chance to compare the Robin Hood cable to some older AQ cables without zero technology?

Contact John Rutan (audioconnection).
He has the best AQ information
Though, FWIW, each new series AQ introduces generally outperforms earlier ones.
I heard the William Tell's and was blown away.
Hi Bob,

Did you hear the silver or copper William Tell? I’m sitting hear listening to the Copper Robin Hood. Just amazing. I’ve never heard such separation. It is in a different league in comparison to Castle Rock which I use to own. Just wonder how much better William Tell would be. I’m running a Naim Supernait 2 with a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica 1 speakers. 
Thank for the response!
I'll probably contact John for more insights but I do agree that new AQ series tend to outperform earlier ones.

That's sound promising, Adam! I am still yet to hear the new cables but I've read that they're great which you seem to back up.