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I currently use Audioquest RCA's for interconnects and I'm considering updating my preamp. Most preamps/integrated have RCA connections in the rear that are vertical and close to each other. The Cary Audio SL-100 has horizontal connections that are several inches apart. The AQ cables are only separated by a couple of inches before it becomes one cable. Can they be separated---what should I do? Get different cables or can these be separated? Thanks guys!
Get different cables.
@bluorion  Huh?   I  have used many AQ interconnects over the years.  What do you mean that they "become one cable"?
@hifiman5 Sorry for the confusion---from the 4 ends (connections), the cable narrows down to one cord. Does that make sense? So it's one cable with 2 connections on each end. The 2 connections that would go to the SL100 are will not stretch to 5-6 inches apart. 

@bluorion   The right interconnect in a pair, has an RCA jack at each end of that right channel cable.  The same goes for the left channel cable.  There is no narrowing to one cord.  Are you perhaps talking about speaker cables not interconnects?
I'm not trying to be difficult.  I just want to understand what we're discussing here.  Thanks!
I understand your concerns. From the images I've seen on line, I would say no you can't. You need to buy separate cables. Plenty of choices...the last interconnect I bought (being 50% off) was closeout Wireworld Equinox 7's. Absolutely fantastic. If you could find such a deal, I highly recommend them. Good Luck!
Google Audioquest Evergreen interconnect and you will see what the OP is talking about.  The cable goes from 2 ends to 1 cable.

Newer AQ IC are in configuration OP describes and I easily understand his issue. What I don't understand is the distance between plug ins. Never seen a component that had the left/right spread that far apart unless it was the main outputs to amp in which case it could still be used .
Thanks guys---I figured that would eventually be the solution. I read several threads on here that Cary Audio likes Kimber Kable and they do come in separates. I'll check out the Wireworld Equinox---that's good to know. Sorry if the explanation was confusing---I've never encountered this situation before. 
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@andirocks   Thanks for clarifying.  I didn't realize AQ was doing that at the lower end of their line.  😧
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HI Bluorion - I would stay with Audioquest as they WILL be shielded cables which may be a factory with a Cary pre.  Both Kimber and Wireworld are unshielded cables.
Kimber, Wireworld, Cullen Cable, Blue Jeans.......all excellent! Quality Made interconnects! 

@jwpstayman Excellent point!! What are some good shielded cables for Cary Audio and Bel Canto? I will eventually upgrade my AC cords as well. Thx!
@bluorion   What interconnect lengths do you need?  How much can you invest in cables that work with the Cary pre.?
@hifiman5 One meter each: 2 RCAs, 2 AC Power cords and 1 XLR. I'd like to stay around $800 if possible? 
Why don't you call AQ or your dealer and have them made to your needs? They do answer the phone.
Seldom ever see any one mention british cable makes here, kind of odd...I use and like chord cable, atlas cable, and qed....I find that all three sound, at least to me, extremely good and neutral.
The only cable I own not made in the UK would be my audioquest type 4 speaker cables and my Thunder power cord and X3 power cord.