Audioquest pythons for turntable?

Back into vinyl, after some 20 years. I have a Pro-ject RPM 1.3 on order and was wondering if I can use a pair of Audioquest pythons to connect the TT?
You can, but I would recommend that if you're going to use AQ, get IC's that have the dbs system. With dbs, the cables break in fast and they stay broken in for a long time. This way, you don't have to put as many hours on your cartridge.

If you want copper, Jaguar is an excellent choice, and for silver Cheetah. I own several pairs of each, and use them on my TT's.
Thanks Zd542, looked into your recommendations and found that the cables will cost more than the TT.
My budget is more like $150 for a 1m length. Anybody have suggestions.
Have a look at this listing. These are the cables I was talking about in my first post. I have a few pairs myself and they're just as good as my TARA IC's that go for well over $1000. The asking price is $110.

Listing ID: lis69ib1
Zd542, What site? You have an extra pair you'd
like to sell?
They're listed right here on AG. Copy this: lis69ib1, then go to the AG home page and paste that listing into the search field and it will take you right to the ad. I do have several pairs, but they're not for sale. I can tell you that the Jaguar is almost the same cable as the Columbia that replaced it. I have them both and I'm not so sure that I can hear a difference between the 2. $110 is a steal for those cables.
NO RESULTS found regarding lis69ib1. Any other suggestions?
Found them, Thanks Zd542