Audioquest PT6 or mod'd RB250?

I'm trying to find out if one is significantly better than the other? The PT6 may have upgraded wiring. The RB250 is a Moth OEM, with incognito wiring, OL structural mod, and VTA.

Both would be used on a VPI HW19 mk IV with a Denon 103R. (tt arrives next week with the AQ mounted)

Here's what I've found so far:
PT6 -- some say it's great. Others ... not so much. I've read jelco made it and is very similar to their current 250 arm (not sure of exact model).

RB250 -- this was talked about very highly a few years ago when I bought it (never got around to using it). Has it stood the test of time?

Or...sell both and buy something else used.

the pt6
I prefer the PT6 in every way.
PT-6 come on. I have had both, I like the Rega better. If have the RB 250 re-wired it becomes even better yet. I would recommend the RB 300/301 over the PT-6 and the RB 250. I now have an SME V, and I have had alot of tonearms over the years and I like sound and ease of set up with the Rega and the better SME tonarms. The AQ arms are good but the others I mentioned are better.
I've had 2 PT-6's, and 2 RB300's - one RB300 was rewired with the structural mod (aka heavy weight) and a VTA nut. I had them at the same time and preferred the PT-6. I'm running a Clearaudio arm on one table now, and a Roksan on another and both of those are better than the Rega by a mile. The Rega's sound fine, but are more complicated to to set up, although I think the newer ones have a 3 point mount and set screw VTA?? which should be an improvement.