AudioQuest PT tonearm mass?

Does anyone know the mass of the Audioquest tonearms? Particularly the PT-6 and PT-9, if there is any difference. After a good bit of googling, I have not been able to find these figures so I'd imagine I'm not the only one who would like to know.

Any help is appreciated!
i just replaced the 6 with a 9. they have identical mass. the stock wire is better, and the leopard wire with a great cartridge is a great combination on my oracle paris
Model: PT 6
Eff length: 229
O/H: 18
O/S: -
Mounting distance: 211
Cartridge weight: -
Arm mass: -
MP: Linn
HS: fix
Null Points: 66.0 / 121.0

I can't find anything on the arm mass either, but I would assume it's probably a medium mass arm. You may find an answer if you post your question here also:

Thanks, Bob. Vinyl Engine is a great resource and one I've been all over recently--but the particular mass figure isn't available there or anywhere else. It is considered a "medium mass arm" but that could mean anywhere from, what, 9g to 13g or so. I suppose I'm trying to figure out if it's closer to Linn Akito mass or closer to Linn Basik mass--or somewhere in the middle like Rega. Just crunching some numbers to figure out what carts would work best on the AQs but it's sounding like they are pretty flexible arms in that regard.