Audioquest PT arm v. VPI JMW series

I've noticed that several people selling their VPI HW19 tables are claiming that the Audioquest arms, which used to come with them, are better than the JMW arms now made by VPI and currently included with their turntables. Is that the consensus or just sales hype?
I used to have a Audioquest PT6 arm on my VPI table and went to a JMW 10 arm. NO comparison! The JMW is a much better arm. Fantastic bass, much more liquid midrange, more extended highs.
I'll second Slowhand's comments. I bought my VPI w/ the AQ PT-6 arm and changed to the JMW 10.5. No Contest. The JMW is much fuller, richer, and robust. The bass is also deeper and tighter. The AQ comments must just be sales hype.
Many judgments of the VPI tonearms are based on the 10. VPI probably sold many based on Harry Pearson's first RAVE review of it in TAS. I was never satisfied with the 10 however, in fact I had VPI modify it for me very early on with definite improvement. The 10.5 is a much better arm even than my modified 10 and I'm much more likely to stay with it longterm. I also used a Audioquest arm long ago on a HW-19 table. It was ok, but I believe the 10.5 is much better. It's been awhile and aural memory is short, but the Audioquest may have been better than the original JMW 10 in several important ways. The original JMW 10 was sluggish and dark sounding IMO.