Audioquest pt-6 tonearm?

I am looking to upgrade from this arm the "Audioquest pt-6" in the near future. I was just wondering what arm would fit right into it's receptacle, without me having to do any drilling or arm board change? You know just a drop in arm using the same hole without any fuss. Thank you all for any response to this question.
PS using an Vpi Hw-19 TT.
It is known in the industry as a Linn type mounting. Distance from the platter spindle however might not be correct for all arms designed with the Linn mounting pattern. If the effective length of an arm is the same as the P6 then you will be OK.
That is a pretty good tonearm really. If your having difficulties with it there is a PT6 for sale here on audiogon. You might also consider the newer PT9 from audioquest. If your looking to upgrade the quality have you upgraded your cables yet? That would make a huge sonic improvement with your current arm and table. As to your original question, I don't know what else will fit the same mount. Sorry.
write 4yanx he has used this arm on a DIY table(Lenco) and might know. Hope he doesn't mind me volunteering him like this.:)-~
No problems with the pt-6 arm, working fine. I would just like the idea of trying a diffrent arm without the hassel of any drilling or arm board change.
You might want to add heavyweight counterweight. It improves the image focus. Yes, I do have one for sale, in case you are interested. I don't need it anymore because I have upgraded to JMW arm.
I had a PT6 for some time. Change out the cable before you go anywhere else. That makes a big difference, for sure.

I recently upgraded for a Moerch DP6. Phew - no comparison there in performance. Amazing arem, that Moerch, but I did have some mounting issues to contend with.

The PT6 has a rather large mounting hole ... the DP6 (I must like the #6) rather small. I had to route out a flange in the plinth, top and bottom, then use 2 steel washers to mount the Moerch. This gave me a little play in the overhang distance, which is quite similar to the AQ, give or take a few MM. The Moerch PT4 has the same mount as the DP6, I believe.

I was unable to find another higher quality arm that was closer to the mounting distance than the Moerch. Perhaps the Hadcock, but then there would have been cartridge compliance issues to contend with (as there are with all unipivots).

Good luck,