Audioquest PSS cables vs latest nordost

Very interested to hear from people that have compared AQ silver cables such as Wind or Niagara to Nordost silver plated Frey2. Which would be less etched on touchy female vocals(sibilants)? I guess what I mean smoother. Anyone made the comparison? 

I have AQ WEL speaker wire and also have the AQ Oak in hand. I find the copper aq wire to be harsher in comparison to the PSS stuff. No question.

I I have not tried the Nordost
I haven’t heard the AQ’s but as a former Nordost Frey/Tyr2 owner I have to say the Series 2 is much more liquid/warm sounding than the originals. Neither has an etchy sound. That may have more to do with the speakers and source IMO. That said the Series 2 is much better.
Agree agree that series 2 Nordost not bright/edgy at all. 

The AQ Wel I have is not bright or edgy at all, but retains all the ambient detail.  I hve tried some "silver" plated IC that wasn't brihgt but at the expense of detail and ambience.... sounded closed in. 
jealous about the Wel. I think AQ and Nordost are certainly in the top cable group
Currently using the Tyr 2 balanced cables between my Dac and preamp, and they beat everything else I tried.  Deep bass, gobs of detail, and very good at localizing space.  Not etchy or glassy sounding at all.  Very spacious, weighty, but dynamic and precise.  No real weaknesses.

I have AQ water running from my preamp to my amp, after hearing the AQ Wind in my system, and they're probably a little easier on the ears, meaning more forgiving, than the Nordost, while emphasizing space more than body and impact.  The winds were very gentle, but seemed to spotlight detail a bit too much for my liking.  Very good interconnects though.

Ironically, the two work well together very well.

Of the two, when I think about replacing on for the other, I look for another pair of used Tyr 2's.  Hope that helps.