Audioquest Pearl HDMI vs ?

I've finally gotten around to upgrading my "old fashioned" tube tv to a new Panasonic Plasma ST30 and have been told that I should get a HDMI cable to connect the video from my High Definition cable box to the new Plasma tv. I will not be using the HDMI for audio though....I will take the RCA analog outs from the cable box directly to my Linn Integrated amplifier.

All I will need is about a 2 meter length. Do various HDMI brands differ significantly as far as the picture quality is concerned or if I go with the $40 all copper Audioquest Pearl, will that be well enough?

Has anyone compared the video quality of the Pearl with anything else?

Thank you!
I have had the following HDMI cables,

Chord Silver Active Plus
QED Reference
QED Signature
Kordz EVX Master Series

None of these are cheap, and the video quality difference between them was either negligable or non-existant (placebo).

But this all changed when I recently purchased the Mapleshade Vivlink plus HDMI. It provided a true leap in video quality with much more picture detail coming through than the other cables.

I only mention this, because Mapleshade claim they put this cable against the $1500 Audioquest diamond in a viewing panel shootout and it bested it in every area.

It is $165 for the plus version in 2m size, but worth every dollar and the best video upgrade I have done. The only negative is the construction, totally fragile and totally hairshirt, you only have to see the pictures to realise this.
I use the flat HDMI cable from Parts Express, less than $10 for 2m. It will easily compare, if not better the Audioquest. I also use the DH Labs HDMI. Don't go nuts, cost wise, on HDMI cables.
Thank you for the responses. I had totally forgotten about Mapleshade being an option. Thank you for that. Looking at the photo of it, I see what you mean about it looking quite fragile. And I see they have a trial period for it as well.

I also appreciate the advice about no going nuts on the HDMI cables. I do hear the difference between audio cables in my reference system, but the HDMI cable for me at least will only be used for the video portion. I wasn't sure if there would be much difference in picture quality between cables.

Thanks again for your responses.