Audioquest or Transparent?

Here is my curent system: YBA 1 preamp, YBA 2HCDT amp with JMlab MINI utopia speaker. And I have the choice of Audioquest above the caldera and Transparent above the ultra for speaker cable. I want to have the most musical cable and to be able to hear all the micro details. And the cable that suits the most my system. And don't tell me about other cable brand as I only want one of those two brand.
Hello there, I will try the Volcano for speaker cable and Amazon for IC, I run AQ Pythons balance and Caldera biwire
with Rowland Consumatte, Rowland Model 6 monos, Aerial 8B
and this cables are really good, If I could I will buy the
cables mention above, but if money is no issue go for the Everest and Amazon, you can find them used here in Audiogon. If you purchase one of the combinations that I suggested please let me know how it sounds, just by my experince with Caldera and Python I know you will not be disapointed!!!!!
I've tried both Audioquest and Transparent *top of the lines* When I was starting out I thought Audioquest cables were the best! Then I found Transparent (& their outrageous pricing on the Reference/Reference XL's). I didn't know this 'til later, but I was hooked for life!

Then again, it really depends on your system - auditioning is the best option for all. For high end (reference) systems I would definitely go with what the music/film industry predominately records with - Transparent Reference & Reference XL's - balanced. Cheers..
I second the notion of  which speaker cable is  better being dependent on the sonics of your system.  I felt the Transparent MM2 Super speaker cables wonderful until I moved into a house with a brighter living room and with my already slightly bright system,  I then  found the  warmer Audioquest Gibraltar better on balance.   However, I feel it worth while to note differences between the two speaker cables.

The Audioquest Gibraltar speaker cables added some needed warmth and were slightly more dynamic than the Transparent cables in my new brighter listening room, yet the Transparent MM2 Super speaker cables, although warm and with a nice black background, were not as warm as the Audioquest Gibraltar speaker cables - although the Transparent MM2 Super  surpassed the Gibraltars in  capturing the beauty and tone of  female voices and had more extension in the treble registers.   Both cables presented good bass.  I needed more warmth, so the Gibraltar on balance won out.

You always get something and loose something.  The better cable is the one that blends into your system best for your preferences.  I hope the above gives a meaningful reference though  for some differences between the two cables.   
Lots of cables watch up to Transparent below the Reference line at better prices. Once you get into the Reference line and up It changes in Transparent favor. But the price can be a major draw back.