Audioquest or Kimber kable.

So I'm looking for a little guidance on speaker cables.  I recently moved up to Focal Aria 926 and 906 speakers and trying to decide between better speaker cables. The 926's share duty between home theater and 2 channel while the 906 are going to be used in a more dedicated 2 channel. Both are paired to Emotiva Xpa gen 3 amps with the 926's connected to my Yamaha 2050 pre-outs and the 906's to the Emotiva PT-100. I plan on upgrading my Emotiva down the road and would like cables that can grow with my system. I'm looking at Audioquest Rocket 33 and kimber kable 8tc cables. Which direction would be good and would it be worth going up to Rocket 44 ? Thank everyone for any and all advice.  

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I would steer clear of Transparent. Way overpriced for what you get.
Plus, a horrible resale depreciation.
@OP, you are looking at older models of AQ. Though I can't tell what your budget is, I would recommend looking at more recent models.
A set of Rocket 88's used aren't very expensive and would, IMHO, offer better resolution.
FWIW, I use GO-4's.