Audioquest Oak speaker and Sky interconnects

Hi, anyone know the Audioquest Oak?

I own the Gibraltar and I'm thinking of an upgrade.

Can I get a thicker sound?

I also have the Sky XLR in my system (B&W 803D, Luxman l-509u integrated amp, Luxman D06 SACD player, Oyaide Tunami GPX-R power cords) but it's slightly aggressive on the mid-highs, I am considering returning to Colorado RCA, I already had before.

Should I switch to the Cardas Golden Reference interconnects (XLR or RCA?) and speaker cable (a single biwired or two monowired pairs?) instead of Aq's, for a thicker and musical sound but still neutral?


Emanuele from Italy
Demoed the gibraltar and really liked it, bought the Oak and it is much better. Wider soundstage, better sense of space, more resolving, very musical, etc.. I have it matched with colorado xlrs. I would think it would pair well with the skys. Ed from USA
In MY was one of the best....Cardas the worst. Audition your cables in YOUR system before spending lots of money
I had the same outcome (as Stringreen) when comparing cardas to AQ in my system. I also preferred the silver AQ cables over the copper. Looking forward to more info on the Oaks.
Having owned both the AQ Sky and Cardas GR, I think that the Cardas may be the cable you are looking for.
After some tests I decided to sell the Sky, I have tried other copper interconnects (the Sky is silver) that I had on loan and they have given to a system tonal balance and timbre are very close to what I want.

The silver (in my system) makes the mid-high frequencies too aggressive.

The choice is between "Audioquest Colorado XLR interconnects + Oak speaker cable" and "Cardas Golden Reference XLR interconnects + G.R. speaker cable.

The Cardas choice would be "blind", I've never heard a Cardas cable except a Twinlink power cord, and I know the Audioquest copper cables, possessing the Gibraltar and having already owned the Colorado RCA (now including the XLR version).

The fear about the Golden Reference is that low frequencies are too swollen, and that the wires cutting through the high frequencies will sound euphonious and not neutral.
I was told this in particular regarding the RCA interconnect cable.
Do you think this is true?

I would like to sound neutral but rich, not "dry".

Soundstage! said the Cardas Golden Reference is really neutral, not giving that thin and washed out sound that audiophiles often think it is neutral, those who know these cables can confirm?


@ Ghepardbuster: you said about the Oak compared to Gibraltar: "Wider soundstage, better sense of space, more resolving."
Usually these features are achieved with a sound more subtle, more open, with more treble and bass drier.
It happens just that going from Gibraltar at Oak?

With a copper interconnect cable (I'm trying to Oyaide Tunami Terzo XX) and my Gibraltar I'm quite happy, I would like something more in terms of extending the frequency extremes (the Terzo is not very extended and refined) from the interconnect, and a speaker cable that is overall better than Gibraltar and not move anywhere the tonal balance.
Biggy79, I think that the oaks have the same tonality and neutrality as the gibraltars. With the oaks it seems as the presentation has a greater sense of depth and width which makes suttle details more noticable. I don't think there is more or less of anything with either cable. Ed
Many thanks, I guess I will buy the Colorado (this time XLR) and the Oak.
I will let you know your impressions when I have them.
After the integrated amp's break-in (1 month) system sound has dramatically changed, now I hear more musicality and smoothness, I re-evalued my Sky and now I have no more intention of downgrading from the silver Sky to the copper Colorado interconnects :)

Now I don't need more warmth but space, air and detail so Oak instead of Gibraltar could be the right choice...

Never change cables before a new component has break in !
I have Audioquest Comet speaker cables & Comet Interconnects with good results
Hey are the comets open sounding with good highs
Yes,natural sounding highs
I have sonus faber liutos a classe ca 2200 and the marantz 7005 av. I demoed the clarus crimson from tributaries and they were amazing. I'm going from rocket 44. I need an opening sounding cable with crisp extended highs. What are your impressions about the audioquest comet cables. Has anyone tried the audioquest oak vs comet
I recommend comet cables
Enjoyable,accurate & quality performance
Silver makes a noticable difference from cables without