Audioquest NRG-5?

I do not see much talk about the Audioquest NRG-5 power cables. Like all the Audioquest stuff they seem well designed but you don't hear people getting all excited about them. Anybody have an experience with them?
For most ppl over here, AQ is not esoteric enough. NRG-5 is a very good PC for the money, IMO. I have been using one on my CDP for years. It is a bit on the warm side.
Hey Elberoth,

How are you? You have responded to my posts in the past. Specifically regarding the Germany breakers. Thanks for taking the time to respond again. I appreciate your input.

Ya, you're right - not sophisticated enough for people I suppose - whatever. They are well made - great copper, spiraled and one thing that is important to me is the fact that they use copper conducters for the spades and female contact. They are gold coated but copper underneath. I'm big on copper. Most spades are brass, etc... not good IMO. I'm going to purchase a few of them and check it out. I'll let you know how it works out.

Thanks again.

PS. You have an awesome frick-in room! Love it. I am building a specific room for my audio right now so I may have to talk to you more about that.


Keith Mundy
Sacramento, CA
It seems to be well made indeed - especially when you compare them to many "esoteric" power cors with fancy names, made in a garage.

IMO it delivers 90% of what the most expensive cords can do, at a price that can still be considered reasonable.

I'm in Natomas.