Audioquest NRG 10 power cord

Hi all,

Just want to get members thoughts and/or experiences with this cable. I would like to know if significant improvement was heard, how flexible is this cable, the dbs battery packs- how long they last, is replacements expensive etc, Is it best to hook it up between power amp and power conditioner or preamp and power conditioner? I'm thinking of hooking it up to my preamp to power conditioner but welcome any thoughts or experience hooking it up this way. Pros and the cons.
I will be buying this within the next couple of days. My dealer is offering me a great deal on this power cord and I feel its too good to pass up. Any recommendations on other AQ power cords to use like NRG 100 or 1000. Is the difference night and day to the NRG 10? I like the AQ
stuff for my system. Thanks in advance.