Audioquest NRG 10 power cord

Hi all,

Just want to get members thoughts and/or experiences with this cable. I would like to know if significant improvement was heard, how flexible is this cable, the dbs battery packs- how long they last, is replacements expensive etc, Is it best to hook it up between power amp and power conditioner or preamp and power conditioner? I'm thinking of hooking it up to my preamp to power conditioner but welcome any thoughts or experience hooking it up this way. Pros and the cons.
I will be buying this within the next couple of days. My dealer is offering me a great deal on this power cord and I feel its too good to pass up. Any recommendations on other AQ power cords to use like NRG 100 or 1000. Is the difference night and day to the NRG 10? I like the AQ
stuff for my system. Thanks in advance.

A non battery shielded cable I use and like is made by Triode Wire. (no affiliation.....)
All the AQ cables are near the top or at the top of the list dollar of dollar. Yes, they use a great cable, but they put things together properly. Me personally, I've never trusted any of the really small cable companies as I've known many folks who do that as a hobby and they make a lot of money. I recently sat in an audio store with the designer of a well known, small cable company. I'm taking 10k work of a power cord and 'magic box' that will help the sound....

It hurt the sound and even he knew it did. It cut off the leading attack as well as the response times of the notes. If you didn't listen A/B, you wouldn't have noticed it, but it was very obvious. We used the stock cable into the wall or a busy store and it sounded best. We then later on put in the NG 1000. It was the DBS battery packs that made the big difference n the power cords. Both cords were awesome, but the 1000 was a lot better. It subtly made everything right and gave more slam to the music. The transient response was great. It was a revealing system that was going to show up anything new. IT was one that I personally have at home and am quite familiar with in the store set up as I"m in there a ton. I think AQ is coming out with new power cords soon, but I am personally thinking about finally buying power cords for my system as I've always used stock and been fine. Since hearing the difference I think I will wait to see, but I know it will cost a ton more than I can get the current ones for. I have head Kimber and Cardas on the same system and again, not in the same ball park for anything as the AQ NG 10/1000. Let us know what you hear.

what gear is in your system?
I have heard several AQ power cords and they are not bad at all. The whole DBS thing is pretty cool as well. AQ works well w/ both tubed and solid-state gear, synergy is key.
Keep me posted and happy listening!
I have used a lot of cable in my system. Most of it was pretty high end (over 2k) I think. I've been running MIT CVT 8' run o speaker cables for years with my Quicksilver Silver Mono's and Proac SuperTowers. I'm selling off all my old gear as I've switched to Vandy Treo's and Ayre electronics in balanced mode.

I can honestly say the MIT CVT is still as good as almost all the other cables out there other than some Cardas and AQ with DBS I have heard and that includes so many other's that I've had in the system.

It's the DBS that is special. They just give you the blackest background I've ever heard. They use a wire that is proven special, but when they add the DBS and the different sizes of teflon tubes, it takes it to a new level.
Audioquest make good powercables, but not stunning. It also depends in which price range your are looking for.
I honestly don't want stunning in any of my gear. As I said above, I have heard all the AQ cords vs very expensive and well know cords and the other cords at first sounded different....some would say stunning maybe, but it was immediately apparent that they actually didn't have as much air around the music and they cut some of the leading attack as well as trailing sound. They just didn't compare. We all look for different things I guess. For me, many cords and 'boxes may change the sound, but not for the better.
The Kimber PK-10 is a good one for not a lot of money.
I've heard the Kimber and for the price is good. The problem I have with so many of the cords is that if you give them a really good listen, they aren't always better. They may sound different, but not always better. I know Ayre uses their own 'cleaner' in their components and THAT makes them less susceptible to better cords if you would. Honestly, I've heard them sound their best just plugged directly into the wall outlet with their stock cables. I've heard the major differences in CD transports and DACs'...don't know why, but that's just me.
We compared the pk-10 with the NRG-10. It had more drive and a more involving sound. It also gave a better individual focus.

These days I sell a lot Audioquest cables. Also their powercables. But I asked Audioquest for better powercables. In 2016 their will be a full new line. One year ago they hired a new person only for powercables. I think they will make a lot of progress. This person is now working on new conditioners for Audioquest.
Does that mean the other cables (speaker, digital, analog etc) get upgraded in 2016 as well?
bo, have been told the same. Thanks for sharing. That's the biggest reason I'm waiting on power cords. I'm happy for now, overall, but will give their new line a shot. guardian, they are constantly upgrading their other lines. They are coming out with new names for many of their cables as they make their upgrades. You can Google and see all the new stuff they have added and they will be adding many more over the next couple of years. Top to bottom if you stay with DBS units, they should sound the best of all the cables on the market. The wire they use is special. I am not able to get into it, but you could use their wire and make awesome home brewed cables even without their teflon tubes geometry etc...yes they are that good.
The biggest differences are the airtubes. They make a big difference. I like those brands who do a lot of research for better cables!
Bo, I've heard the differences and totally agree. They leave nothing ignored. I have the Castle Rock and they sound much better than the cables they replaced. Can't wait to hear all the newer cables going forward.
I am very direct in what I say. I only say things when I know 100% sure that things are as they are. I am very demanding, also to the products I sell. I compare to create the best possible sound. I love Audioquest but it is not perfect, just like me!
So,Bo, since you know how to get the perfect sound for everyone how come you don't enlighten everyone all at once and post your system?
You can find what I use in threads and answers. The difference between me and other people in audio is how tools are used.

My focus is only on the properties of each tool. When you know the different properties of each individual tool audio is a lot more easy to understand and use.

I only sell 3 dimensional sound, this is the easiest way of beating your competition of other shops in audio. Because 3 dimensional sound is superior to 2 dimensional sound. Why? Because it is a much more emotional way of listening. It is a lot more attractive to listen to music and even multi channel.
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Cheers, GK
I was using an NRG1000 on my amp.. I recently tried a Lessloss Signature and I like it a bit better. It's really all about system and equipment synergy.