Audioquest NIghthawk cables

Do other people have the problem with cables not lasting very long? I plug it into a dragonfly red and try to be careful.  It starts with having to jiggle it around into  the perfect position to get it to totally connect. Are these really a 1 year product? 

It turns out that the Dragonfly Red has a bad connection. I sent it back. Their customer service was fantastic.

I had a 5 year old pair of RCA King Cobra interconnects that started failing.  Had to jiggle them to get them to work..  Sent them back to AQ using their normal RMA process.  They tested them and found nothing wrong. . Returned them.  I tried them out but they began shorting out again.  I threw them in the garbage. All of my other AQ cables are still fine.  Could just be an anomaly. 
It turned out to be my Dragonfly Red which had a problem. They sent me a new one after sending it back. Audioquest gets an A+.