Audioquest Night Owl Headphones

I hope this is posted in the proper place.
I suffer from Insomnia so I thought I would buy a pair of closed back headphones for late night listening hoping to fall asleep. Well, I received the headphones today (Audioquest Night Owl) and they are quite impressive. They are very well made, come in a nice case and sound good (so far)

However, and this is a BIG however, the cable is way too short. What were they thinking putting a 4 foot cable on the headphones? I sit a good 6 feet away from my audio rack, so the phones are pretty useless to me at this point. I am so disappointed, as I was hoping to use them tonight. I called AA and was told I should buy some 300.00+ Cardas cable which is a couple of meters longer than what came with the headphones. So I dropped 399.00 on the headphones and now am expected to spend another 300.00 on a longer cable? To make matters worse, Audioquest doesn’t even make an extension cable or longer headphone cables for the Night Owl.

Audioquest goes on and on about how great the cable that comes with the headphones are, yet didn’t stop to think that not everyone is going to use them with a personal player. I called AA and was told most people buy an entire replacement cable of a longer length by another company. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of using the Audioquest cables and phones which were designed to compliment one another? I ended up spending 49.00 on a Pangea extension cable which AA claims sounds excellent with the headphones. So, I ordered the extension and will have to wait until next week to use the headphones. From past experience with Pangea cables, they sucked the life out of my system and I hope this will not be the case this time around. I am so disappointed and irritated at Audioquest. 
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I have the Pangea extension on my HiFiMan HE400i driven by tubes & it sounds fantastic...
Thanks for that post freediver, been wondering about the Pangea .