Audioquest Niagra Vs Cheetah

which is the best value ? I vote Cheetah.
AQ Cheetah is one of the best values amongst all of the different analogue interconnects. Its sound is refined, musical, fast, accurate and a host of other positive attributes. I've owned both Niagara and Cheetah and while there are several refinements that I noticed over time with Niagara, I can tell you from personal experience that I was extremely happy and impressed with both. The only major jump that gave me proportional return on investement was the jump beyond Cheetah to Sky. To that end, if you cannot or don't want the additional cost of Sky, careful A-B-A listening (at least in my setup and others I heard) showed me just how close Niagara and Sky truly were. My 2 cents...
If you can get the Niagaras used withen 200-250.00 of the Cheetahs then i think they are the much better deal. If you cant, stick with the Cheetahs and be happy knowing you have great cables.
i have moved from the Cheetahs to Niagaras to Skys. All have kept me from doing much auditioning outside the AQ line.
I agree with Tom's comments on relative pricing. If you can get that minimal uplift in price, go with the Niagara but otherwise know that you will be very happy in either case!