Audioquest Niagara 5000 or 7000

Anyone have any experience with either of these two Products?  I find them intriguing and might consider buying one.

Very nice! joesolek

I would give it 6 months trial period prior to buying any Power/Line Conditioners.

Happy Listening!

Keep me posted- tdimler

as you massage this conditioner into your system.

Happy Listening!

Well, I bought the 5000 and hooked it up on Friday.  It has improved my system.  Bass is more authoritative.  Vocals more distinct and forward.  Never thought that I would say this, but there is more "air" around the instruments.  Noticeable audio improvement all around.  I have to live with it for a longer time, but this is my initial positive impression.  Pretty happy.
Joesek: On the fence on buying a Nigeria 5000. 
4000.00 is a lot of money for " slight " improvement in sonic clarity! My question is if the 5000 were removed from your system equation, would you perceive a major reduction in performance! Whole lot cheaper to boost db levels in a processor for slight change! Your thoughts please!