Audioquest Niagara 5000 or 7000

Anyone have any experience with either of these two Products?  I find them intriguing and might consider buying one.
Joe - "IF" your power supply is particularly "dirty" they may help.

"IF NOT" - The outlets in the back of the unit will probably provide the most benefit - the rest of the internal circuits will probably not provide any real benefit.

Furutech has a couple of distribution boxes without filters that work very well, just because of the quality of the outlets.

What will provide benefits are - effective power cables.

KLE Innovations have a few power cables that would be of benefit

Others from Pangea, Signal Cables and Less Loss are pretty good

If you are into DIY you can try my own design - see

Power conditioners and Power generators are very effective in areas with noisy power supplies into the house.

You do normally hear improvements, but as I said, it's mostly due to the better quality outlets in them.


Much will depend upon your locale.

Do you live in or near a major U.S. city? If so, one of these models will be right for you.

If you live far outside of a U.S. city or rural area(s), then, you will not require one.

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I live in a suburb of Chicago.  When I am at the manufacturer's website I am lead to believe, that regardless of the ac noise, these to units would impart a sonic improvement to my equipment.  I read a favorable review in a print mag about 2-3 months ago about the positive effect the 7000 had on a system.

If you live far outside of a U.S. city or rural area(s), then, you will not require one.

I'm not sure why you think this. There are many variables in AC power, including how well the utility maintains its system. Living in a rural area is no guarantee of clean power. In farming communities, equipment used by farmers (such as milking machines) can be as much of an influencing factor as manufacturing equipment in urban areas.


point taken. My experience has been that rural (not desolate) living is favorable to major city / grid congested living.

Yes, the power company or a quality home generator will be beneficial.

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a dedicated line should be under consideration. The suburb(s) of Chicago

are very nice living indeed.  Happy Listening!

jafant I just had a dedicated 20 amp line installed with an Audioquest NRG outlet.
I have the Niagara 5000. I’d say it definitely has no negative impact, but in my situation it certainly wasn’t a life changer. I do think we have clean power here so for someone with dirty power it might make a bigger difference. What you do get, and I needed, is non-sacrificial surge protection as well as high voltage protection. It is a well built unit and the plugs have perhaps an even stronger grip than advertised. The difference between the 5000 and 7000, besides $4K in cost, are the isolation transformers for the lower powered components in the 7000. The high current bank is identical between the 5000 and 7000. One thing to consider is the 7000 can have some transformer hum, which can be increased if using it with tube electronics. The 5000 operates dead silent.

Very nice! joesolek

I would give it 6 months trial period prior to buying any Power/Line Conditioners.

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Keep me posted- tdimler

as you massage this conditioner into your system.

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Well, I bought the 5000 and hooked it up on Friday.  It has improved my system.  Bass is more authoritative.  Vocals more distinct and forward.  Never thought that I would say this, but there is more "air" around the instruments.  Noticeable audio improvement all around.  I have to live with it for a longer time, but this is my initial positive impression.  Pretty happy.
Thanks! for sharing- Joe.
Joesek: On the fence on buying a Nigeria 5000. 
4000.00 is a lot of money for " slight " improvement in sonic clarity! My question is if the 5000 were removed from your system equation, would you perceive a major reduction in performance! Whole lot cheaper to boost db levels in a processor for slight change! Your thoughts please!
The honest answer is I would not perceive a major difference.  Subtle.
It's pretty easy to determine.  

Listen to your system over a few weeks at 2AM or another time when electricity usage is low vs other times of high usage like 8PM on a weeknight.  If there's a significant difference and you'd like your system to sound more like the low usage times all the time you get a quality power conditioner.  

I live in a city; the difference was pretty dramatic.
I simply changed from using an Audioquest Niagara 1000 and Torus RM15 to the Torus RM20. Not a night and day difference,  but significant. I don't know why, but I'm happy with the results.

Joesolek: thank you! Sorry it took so long to respond! You just saved me a chunk of money ! Nigeria 5000 is no longer a consideration! Oh, own a P5 PS Audio! It's a regenerator not conditioner! Some differences in sonic capabilities but biggest help is to my Oled TV! FYI