AudioQuest Niagara 1000 and Bose Lifestyle?

I know I know. Never should have bought a Bose Lifestyle system. But I did several years ago for my living room home theater system and I want to enhance the sound someway without throwing it away/selling it and getting nothing for it in return. 
I’m wondering if anyone has tried an AudioQuest Niagara 1000 with it, and does it make much of a difference than plugging it into a $40 surge protector that then goes directly into the wall? What about any Audioquest power cables as well? 
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Yes, Niagara 7000 or 1000 would make significant difference in high end hifi setup/system but not on Bose. What is your main system? 

Yes, B&W 685 S2 surround sound speaker system with either Marantz or Pioneer Elite receiver would definitely a step up from the Bose Lifestyle audio performance wise. Now with that setup you can get the AQ Niagara 1000 and upgraded power cords. 

The term "polishing a turd" seems particularly relevant here. Sell that crap for anything you can get for it and take it as penance for making that terrible decision. Look at this as a rebirth and console yourself with the realization that nothing but much better things lie ahead.
@Soix, that was great.  Best thing I read all day 👍