AudioQuest Niagara 1000

Hey Audiophobes,

Anybody have any experience with the AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Power  LOW-Z POWER/NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM? I have one on loan and I am testing it out now. Unfortunately, I really can't effectively do an A/B comparison because all my power outlets and cords and not very accessible. Would appreciate any experience you all have with this product.


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It's a great piece that worked so well I upgraded to the 5000. Results are probably very system and power quality dependant.
Just a FYI they have a new version coming at the same price.

from the Audioquest website it looks like a newer model the Niagara 1200 is out. Different casework but I can't tell if any other changes. The price is the same.

I like the looks of the Niagara 1200 better than the 1000.  Sleeker and less bulky.  The 1000 is huge.  But you are correct, does it function the same. One would think that if it is label higher that is should be better.  It not like releasing the Niagara 800...
I have owned the Niagara 1000 for several years. My audio dealer recommended I try it given the many power spikes and very brief outages in our area.  I took it home to try and and bought it because it made almost as much of an improvement to sound quality as when I added my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC.  The sound was “cleaner” - less background noise and more precise.  It is important to connect your amp or receiver to the high current outlet.  Also important to connect your DAC, pre-amp and computer or NAS, as well as your turntable. You need to make an effort to experiment with the order in which devices are connected as there are multiple banks of capacitors which is why AudioQuest recommends separating digital and analog eqipment in different banks.  The new 1200, which replaces the 1000, has a second high current outlet which is helpful if you own a powered subwoofer or multiple amps. 
I never had luck with these things...they've made the system sound different but also introduced "trolls".   Make sure you hear it in your own system...they don't work with my Ayre stuff.