AudioQuest Niagara 1000

Hey Audiophobes,

Anybody have any experience with the AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Power  LOW-Z POWER/NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM? I have one on loan and I am testing it out now. Unfortunately, I really can't effectively do an A/B comparison because all my power outlets and cords and not very accessible. Would appreciate any experience you all have with this product.


It's a great piece that worked so well I upgraded to the 5000. Results are probably very system and power quality dependant.
Just a FYI they have a new version coming at the same price.

from the Audioquest website it looks like a newer model the Niagara 1200 is out. Different casework but I can't tell if any other changes. The price is the same.

I like the looks of the Niagara 1200 better than the 1000.  Sleeker and less bulky.  The 1000 is huge.  But you are correct, does it function the same. One would think that if it is label higher that is should be better.  It not like releasing the Niagara 800...
I have owned the Niagara 1000 for several years. My audio dealer recommended I try it given the many power spikes and very brief outages in our area.  I took it home to try and and bought it because it made almost as much of an improvement to sound quality as when I added my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC.  The sound was “cleaner” - less background noise and more precise.  It is important to connect your amp or receiver to the high current outlet.  Also important to connect your DAC, pre-amp and computer or NAS, as well as your turntable. You need to make an effort to experiment with the order in which devices are connected as there are multiple banks of capacitors which is why AudioQuest recommends separating digital and analog eqipment in different banks.  The new 1200, which replaces the 1000, has a second high current outlet which is helpful if you own a powered subwoofer or multiple amps. 
I never had luck with these things...they've made the system sound different but also introduced "trolls".   Make sure you hear it in your own system...they don't work with my Ayre stuff.
I liked it so much I bought a Niagara 7000! I’m using the 7000 on all of my audio equipment. Also bought a Hurricane PC for it.

I am using the 1000 on my video equipment. My Denon surround processor/amp really improved being plugged into the Hi-current tap. 

I have 3 dedicated lines, the 2 Audioquest products are each on there own line. The 3rd line is used with my subwoofers (6 units).

I have the Niagara 1200 on order.  Paid for it in November, and now I hear the delivery is delayed till April. Not sure what the hold-up is.
@ sameyers1

I'm clueless as to why it would benefit a turntable to be plugged into the 1000, but I'd like to find out.  It seems like my turntable motor just rotates the platter. 
Clean power to a turntable motor can have a significant effect on rhythmic stability, pace and overall clarity. Even upgrading the power cords to the PSU for my table is very audible. See also how manufacturers like Brinkmann offer multiple options on the power supplies for their tables. So not at all surprised in this having a positive benefit
hope you guys who ordered the Niagara 1200 will post comments on it's performance.
I will do that when it FINALLY arrives.  Supposed to come in March, now I am heading it is scheduled for April. 
I tried one of their new budget PowerQuests, which just came out earlier this year, and it had a major defect (a deep cut in the power cord) so I sent it back. I wonder if quality control issues with those budget products has prompted AudioQuest to delay the Niagara 1200 to do some REAL quality control on them before shipping? For a thousand bucks they had better be perfect!

Just got the Niagara 1200 and have listened to it on my system for an hour or so. I am running two monoblocked McIntosh MC275 VI amps/MC 2600 pre-amp/Roksan TT into Wilson Watt/Puppy speakers. 

The difference in sound is quite notable. Cleaned up the midrange and gives a greater depth to the soundstage. 

The additional high current input makes this a good buy. For the money, it makes enough of a difference that the purchase is a rather inexpensive way to improve the sound quality.

Caveat - This will have a different impact on every system so see if you can audition a loaner if you have any doubts.
Where did you buy your 1200?  I was told they  are not available until mid June. 
I ordered the Niagara 1200 back in Feb from MD, got it two weeks ago.  I must have been early on their waiting list.  Solid unit with good heft, it's physically big, I have it on its end.  Everything is tightened up, more punch.  Recommended, and not too expensive.
Any comparisons between the 1000 and 1200?  There looks to be about $500 difference (used 1000 vs new 1200), I don't need the extra high current capability now, is there any other functional/design difference?  What about outcome in SQ?
The 1200 model has much better isolation specs noticeably quieter,
and build more robust and can be positioned several ways 
requires a good power cord to get the most out of it . I went to VH Audio 
bought Furutechs excellent 6-9s occ  awg Copper and Furutech connectors 
for under $400  will compete with cables 3 x the cost .
The 1200 does not alter the musicality flow of the music ,it for sure lowers the noise floorand presents better imaging and soundstage width and depth.
nit like most conditioners using mov for surge suppression, and most use Brass connections which suck. AQ uses Silver over Beryllium Copper even on the input 
and quality copper wiring they do things right. I have the same philosophy 
i took anything Brass in most speakers and amps Brass . I use only gold over Copper throughout my system same with wiring foamed Teflon Litz solid core 6-9s Copper throughout VH audio has some excelllent wire and Quality copper connections.
Please note: don’t judge the new AQ 1200 until you get 100 hours on it 
for all the capacitors,wiring,and connection needs to runin. 
That being said within a few hours you will hear better resolution   maybe a little bright at first, which fades after the first 50-100 hours.
I thought somebody mentioned that the unit has two bags of outlets, one for digital one for analog. I do not see that. Does the manual discuss the issue of mixing digital and analog outlets on the same circuit?
@audioman58 and others.

Finally got the AQ Niagara 1200 home and installed.  But there is a back story.  Bear with me.

I recently purchased a PS Audio Noise Harvester.  Primarily to check it out, and to see how much noise was coming through in various locations (outlets).  I took it to my local audio dealer and tried it out on various outlets, including outlets of high end power conditioners.  No matter what the outlet, including outlets with power strips and multiple computer peripherals attached, the Noise Harvester had the same blinking light.  Meaning it had the same amount of noise being harvested no matter the source, including when I plugged it into $5K Power Conditioners.

Then we did a test of it actually listening to music.  Three of us all agreed that when we had the Noise Harvester plugged in, it was damping the sound quality and the overall depth of music clarity.  Not by a lot mind you, but enough.

So I sent the darn thing back for a refund.  But I wonder if it is coloring my auditory views now.

Also, at the same time I installed the AQ Niagara 1200, I also installed two Shunyata Research SR-Z1 AC Outlets.  In talking with folks, since this is just an upgraded outlet, mainly in terms of the metals, it shouldn't have any real noticeable impact on the music.

Then I connected the AQ Niagara 1200 Power Conditioner. To my ears, I am hearing less soundstage and overall distinctness of the music.  Sorta that damping down of the music.  Only slightly.  As @audioman58 suggests, I am not at 100 hours.  I am also totally willing to admit that it could all be a figment of my imagination (or ears) based on the whole Noise Harvester escapade.  

My audio guys tell me that essentially the 1200 has the same circuitry as the 1000 that I was using before so it shouldn't be a difference in the way I am describing here.  I'm also told that I need to use something because a bunch of folks in the Atlanta area are having system blowouts because of power surges over the summer - so I need to have some protection.

With all this said, one of the days (when I want to crawl back in the back of the cabinet) I am going to do an AB comparison - with and without the 1200.  We'll see what happens then.  

That is my story, follow-up, and I am sticking to it, at least for now.

Thanks for reading.
That being said I tried a radically new magnetic technologies for cleaning distortions throughout not only the AC incoming ,but also the audio signal path.
High Fidelity cables , they have their basic $1k unit that is a steal  for anything up to 15 amps , the MC6 ,6 outlet unit and they have the units you plug into the wall where all the distortion begins . On  Audiogon their .05 AC purifier is very popular and cumulative. I just went to a Bigstep up from that with the MC1 pro,
there is no surge protection  ,I bought a Siemens 100  and  had-it installed first in line in my circuit breaker  box it needs 2-20 amp breakers one per feedcoming in 
getting back to this magnetic technologies it Transforms your system not just 
improve it.  the sweet  spot in their cables is the CT-2 , if you are into digital 
this $1k  spdif  cable is beating Everything usb orotherwise . against the
nordodt odin $3500 digital cable and soundly beat  it . The magnetics take time 4-500 to really shine a minimum of 200 to start opening up.  Go to their web site 
they can explain it 10x better then I understand . It is not ferrite magnets it is very similar  in  application to what an electron microscope does . Electricity is unfocused riding each pole the magnetic technology creates a waveguide 
where the electrical energy is focused similar to a laser  focused to the center .
your whole system takes on a whole new ability and  much more music realism.
try it  start with 1 item and add from there . I still don’t have their speaker cables 
or AC cables but plan on it when I have the extra bucks. Just check it out .
and yes another existing conditioner can plug into it like a AQ  and will for sure add more musicality to it. Just check it out and give them 4-500 hours  then 
give you can give your own hands on observations. 
pgaulke60, interesting stories. I would think the Niagara 1200 would do essentially the same thing as the noise harvester, if it indeed filters and "conditions" the AC power as it claims it does. That being said, I'm curious if you changed power cables at all during this process? What power cable are you feeding your Niagara 1200? Have you experimented at all?
@drowe7 .  Yes, I did add a new power cable.  Before when I had they AQ 1000 I just used a standard computer grade power cable.  Now with the AQ 1200 I use an AQ NRG-Z3 cable.

Do you think that is making a difference?  We would hope so, right.  We would hope that it is making a positive difference.  But your bring up an interesting point.  Doing an A/B comparison with power cables.
I will be curious to hear your results. I would be willing to bet a power cord better than their entry-level NRG series would restore your soundstage and a more life-like presence.