Audioquest new Storm series power cables thunder or tornado

Agoners please share your experience, Are you also using them with Niagara 1000?  Thank you in advance....
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I have the tornado on order. Right now Im using the 1000 with their NRG4 cable but also have the Niagara 5000 on order. I can post using the cable with the 1000 and the difference between the 1000 and 5000. 
Mmcelyea that’s my plan connecting the tornado to the Niagara 1000.i will wait then..thank you.
I just purchased the Tornado 3 weeks ago.. I put it between the wall and power strip (passive) and the bass got better.. I'm told where I put it is where it makes the least impact.. I have a 2nd one on order and be placing it on the amp.. I think there is where I can give a better description of how good it is.. maybe by then you'll have one already and won't need my help anymore.. but for now I think you're making the right decision in getting one..
Just picked up a pair of Thunders to replace NRG10s on my mono blocks.  It was only fitting to play Thunderstruck from AC/DC.  Yes they are very good with only 5 minutes of playing.  
I was at music direct today, I saw the thunder pc looks good and flexible enough...
Ok if any have pets while listening to Thunders, you might want to explain to them that "it's just the stereo, no one is here".  My two German Shepards were freaking out because of all the enhanced spatial cues!
I’ve been using an Audioquest Thunder power cord for the past couple of days. Cables really are about system matching...I tried the Shunyata Sigma power cord and I prefer the Audioquest Thunder in my system. One of my local stores let me have a home trial of their demo and I really like it. Unfortunately, the store is Bjorn's and they really aren't a "high-end" dealer. I don't have the opportunity to compare the Thunder, Tornado, and Hurricane to each other. Based on the very good results I have with the Thunder, I'm just taking a chance and going for the Hurricane to go from my amp to the power conditioner. I’m ordering a 2 meter Audioquest Hurricane on Monday.