Audioquest new Storm series power cables thunder or tornado

Agoners please share your experience, Are you also using them with Niagara 1000?  Thank you in advance....
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I have the tornado on order. Right now Im using the 1000 with their NRG4 cable but also have the Niagara 5000 on order. I can post using the cable with the 1000 and the difference between the 1000 and 5000. 
Mmcelyea that’s my plan connecting the tornado to the Niagara 1000.i will wait then..thank you.
I just purchased the Tornado 3 weeks ago.. I put it between the wall and power strip (passive) and the bass got better.. I'm told where I put it is where it makes the least impact.. I have a 2nd one on order and be placing it on the amp.. I think there is where I can give a better description of how good it is.. maybe by then you'll have one already and won't need my help anymore.. but for now I think you're making the right decision in getting one..
Just picked up a pair of Thunders to replace NRG10s on my mono blocks.  It was only fitting to play Thunderstruck from AC/DC.  Yes they are very good with only 5 minutes of playing.  
I was at music direct today, I saw the thunder pc looks good and flexible enough...
Ok if any have pets while listening to Thunders, you might want to explain to them that "it's just the stereo, no one is here".  My two German Shepards were freaking out because of all the enhanced spatial cues!
I’ve been using an Audioquest Thunder power cord for the past couple of days. Cables really are about system matching...I tried the Shunyata Sigma power cord and I prefer the Audioquest Thunder in my system. One of my local stores let me have a home trial of their demo and I really like it. Unfortunately, the store is Bjorn's and they really aren't a "high-end" dealer. I don't have the opportunity to compare the Thunder, Tornado, and Hurricane to each other. Based on the very good results I have with the Thunder, I'm just taking a chance and going for the Hurricane to go from my amp to the power conditioner. I’m ordering a 2 meter Audioquest Hurricane on Monday.
@ricred1  Could you elaborate on why you preferred the Audioquest cords to the Shunyatas in your system? Are you still using the Audioquest cables?

I submit it's important to realize there are no absolutes in audio, only preferences. My comments are more about my preferences and how a particular component works in my system. In my system the Shunyata Sigma power cords mask details, wasn't as open sounding, and the bass wasn't as defined. I'm not talking night and day differences, but differences that can be easily discerned. 
@ricred1 totally agree. I ask because I run Alpha HC/Analog/Digital and think I’ve noticed the same negative effects you mentioned, especially the masking of low-level detail. The dealer where I took my amp to demo speakers recently had everything hooked up with Audioquest, so I’m doing my due diligence.
Several people have contacted asking me why I'm selling my Hurricane power cord, if I think there so great. Hello,
There may be something better, but no I didn't find anything better. I was selling it, because I was switching DACs and the DAC I thought I would get required a different cord. I received the DAC yesterday and it's not even close to my DAC, so for now I'm no longer selling ghe Hurricane. I really love the Hurricane. As I always say, there are no absolutes in Audio, only preferences. I've compared several power cords in my system; Shunyata Sigma, Audience AU24, High Fidelity CT-2, Wireworld Platinum, and several more. Nothing has come close in my system. The key word is in my "system". The only thing I don't like about the Audioquest Storm series is they lack flexibility. 

@ricred1 You've compared the Audience Au24, not the Au24 SE power cords, right?  Just wanted to double check.  I think there is a significant improvement from Au24 to the SE version.

Has anyone compared the different levels (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane) and see how significant of an improvement to go from one level to another?

No, I compared them to the Au24 SE.
@ricred1 Ok, thanks for the clarification. And which level of the Audioquest is better than the Au24 SE?  The Hurricane? Can't be the Thunder, right?

You need to read my comments, "I submit it's important to realize there are no absolutes in audio, only preferences. My comments are more about my preferences and how a particular component works in my system." I don't/didn't say BETTER, because audio is very subjective and you can't isolate a particular component(including cables/cords). It's how something fits into one's system based on their preferences. I tried the Au24 SE speaker cables and power cord at the same time. I thought both were very good, but I preferred the Audioquest Hurricane power cord and Clarus Crimson speaker cables. The Audience was my second choice in both cases. I actually compared Thunder to the Audience Au24 and preferred the Thunder. I already had Hurricanes when I compared the Audience Au24 SE speaker cables and power cord. So, the comparison was to the Hurricane. Again, not better, but what I prefer in the context of my system. In another system I may prefer something else.
Added another Thunder for my P10 Power Plant, oh boy!  Using NRG10s for sources.  I would try the Tornado or Hurricane but silver plated connectors tilt my balance to bright so here I shall stay.  But what works for me may not for you.  I wish I could take a pill to make all cables sound the same:). 
@ricred1 totally agreed.  It all comes down to preferences and system matching when choosing cables.  I've seen cables that work great in my system, but only so-so in another system.  But I will give the Tornado and/or Hurricane a try when I get a chance.

good to read that you are still enjoying the AQ Hurricane PC.
Yesterday, I had an audition with Ayre gear, Monitor Audio speakers and AQ cabling all around to include the Niagara 5000 with Hurricane PC.
Tornado PC was connected to the Ayre electronics.  Actually, I do not have a frame of reference for AQ power cords? Certainly, the presentation and sound were excellent.  Happy Listening!
I have been a "true believer" in the potential efficacy of high-end power cords since the Electraglide days. I still am an Elrod PC acolyte. Inasmuch as the AQ Storm series cords seem to be a genuine advance in PC design, I am awaiting delivery of a Hurricane HC power cord to compare it to my Elrod Statement Silver. Beating the Elrod will take some doing.
I’m interested to hear how that comparison goes. 
@jayctoy   : take a look at Crystal Clear Audio Cables. Similar built, and they are awesome.

Audio is all about sound and music. Music owns different properties. And this has nothing to do with personal preferences. Yes we have our preferences in artists and different kinds of music. But all the different aspects of sound are needed to experience and perceive all the emotion the music possesses. Almost all products in audio miss different aspects/properties of sound. Again this has nothing to do with personal taste. Based on the fact that each human being will always prefer a system that is able to reveal all the different aspects of sound.

Music is all about emotion. All different properties of sound can influence human emotion. That is why those systems which are incomplete (missing essential aspects of sound) in properties are always described as less involving or as lacking emotion.

The new AQ Storm cables are great. But I still use 3 Purist Audio LE power cables. Based on the fact that they can still build a wider and bigger stage in comparison with the Storm power cables. I use many Storm cables. Even a Dragon High current for my subwoofer. What is so impressive.

Next week I will receive my new Audioquest 2x 3.2-meter Firebird Zero bi-wire loudspeaker. It will replace my Redwood. Here you will hear the same big improvements as you can hear with the new power cables. The interconnects by Audioquest will be replaced this year as well by new ones.

It is so F. nice to be an Audioquest dealer. Audioquest Europe told me at the end of December that I sold by far the most Storm power cables in my country in 2018. We sell them at a different level than any audio shop. Thanks to Tru-Fi we can create a much higher level out of each single Storm cables. That is why I invited AQ Europe.

The Niagara conditioners are by far not of the same level as their cables. Audioquest Europe will soon visit me at my home. I asked them to bring in the Niagara 5000 and 7000. I will show them how much more details and stage depth and width I can create compared to them with their Niagara conditioners. I borrowed the 7000. It was by far not good enough in our world. Every single product always needs to be superior in their price range. And it needs to be able to reveal all the aspects/properties of sound. Unfortunately, it is incomplete on facts like it misses too much stage depth and width. And also height. Even the resolution was a lot less than with our conditioners. I will prove them this by facts and sound! The individual focus of both voices and instruments were a lot less physically tangible than with our used conditioner.

Audio is all about a shootout. And the most thrilling and emotional sound will always be chosen and preferred. This is what I love most about audio.

I have a AQ Tornado feeding my Niagara 1000. I replaced an AQ Thunder with the Tornado and there was a marked, noticeable, improvement in low level detail, soundstage depth, image definition, spatial definition, and an even lower noise floor.

The Thunder had replaced a Shunyata Black Mamba HC XC and was an improvement. The Tornado was more noticeably better than Thunder than the Thunder was better than the Black Mamba.

I know this is an Audiophile cliche, but after installing the Tornado I am hearing details in familiar recordings that I never heard before. I may spring for a Hurricane and/or replace more of my Shunyata PCs with the AQ storm cables to see if there’s even more there.

I’ve been in this hobby over 30 years and recall a handful of eye-opening improvements along the way. The Tornado is on that list. Not so much because the improvements it made were stand out, jump up, holy ----statements. More because of the refinement, polish, and rightness it added to my system.

And finally, because I have always been skeptical about power cables that cost as much as some components. The Shunyata power cables that I have on the rest of my system all seemed to produce slight improvements when I added them but, (another Audiophile cliche), when I added the Tornado my wife actually noticed and commented on the sound. She might have a different opinion if I told her what the ’extension cord’ actually cost.