Audioquest Makenzie XLRs

I have the opportunity to purchase Audioquest cables at approx 40% below retail... 

I cant spend hundreds or thousands on cables.

Is there a better XLR cable for the money at the price point of $110 a pair than the Audioquest Makenzie?  110 is my cost.  Next up the line in AQ more than doubles my cost.... cant swing that much on ICs.

Gear consists of Marantz 7704, ATI 1807 Amp, B&W CDM 9NTs.
Not high end by any means but it's far better than what I had.

So .... is there a better cable for the money?
Seems AQ Makenzie is well reviewed and well designed.

Thoughts? Comments?  Assistance and advice is appreciated.

What is better than AQ at the given price point. I don't have the means to drop $300-1000 per cable... 

So for 120-150 a pair... what mfgr is not snake oil?
If I were in your shoes, I’d go with the Mogami Gold Studio Microphone Cable and not look back.

I have seen Mogami mentioned in Audiogon before.

If I may ask - 

What makes Mogami a better/same choice as other cables made by companies like:

Blue Jeans
Signal Cables

And what would I be loosing out on by not spending more? At $40 a meter pair for the Mogami I can't imagine that not spending more won't translate into better performance.

I am okay with being wrong, but with so many on Audiogon spending thousands on ICs and PCs -- I can't imagine that any of them would replace their pricey cables for Mogami's.  

Of course - if there are folks out there that have indeed replace their 'expensive' cables with cables like Mogami -- 

I would love to hear feedback about their experience with the Mogami gears.
This thread seems to have run its' course, but I'll bite.
Paying more doesn't necessarily relate to better performance.
Most manufacturers will stage their products with greater resolution in conjunction with price.
Also, system symmetry comes into play.
So, whether or not a 'higher' priced cable will be an improvement is something that can only be verified by trial and error.
There also comes a point of diminishing returns with regard to price increase.

If there is some advice I can give, it is to find a seller offering free returns or a trial period and giving their cables a try to see if it works in your system.


Per the recommendations of so many - I opted for the Mogami Gold XLRs -- have had them about 2 weeks - 

and so far - am pleased wit the results - far better performance over the RCAs they replaced.

I know there are far better cables - but for my existing system - I believe them to be a solid choice...

To the rest -- thanks for all of the input -- 
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