Audioquest King Cobra vs. Yukon?

Has anyone heard both?  The specs are very similar, yet the Yukons cost twice as much.  They have different (supposedly better) connectors and multi-layer noise dissipation.
King Cobra is a discontinued cable, but it's built almost exactly like the Yukon.  Only difference  is Yukon uses a new type of NDS shielding compared to  standard foil shield of the King Cobra.  In my opinion, King Cobra would be just fine and you can get them used for a LOT cheaper.
I have both.  I have to be honest, I'm not very sensitive to cable changes and don't notice huge differences in them.  I only seem to notice when they detract from the system.  I had some entry level AQ cables, the G Snakes, and those were crap.  I have a lot of AQ cables including some of the higher up ones like Cheetahs and Columbias.  I recently picked up some Yukons and they do no harm.  I think the King Cobras are just as good and as mentioned, you may be able to find them for less.
King Cobra is a new name of Python (that had great reviews).  To stay competitive AQ moved production to China, reduced prices and renamed cables.  Python became King Cobra, Viper - Diamondback  etc.  I replaced King Cobra with much more expensive Acoustic Zen Absolute and there is not that much of a difference.  Both have neutral sound, AZ being a little bit more refined (cleaner, darker background, faster).  For the money King Cobra is a steal.