Audioquest King Cobra or Wireworld Equinox 6

Actually I own a classic Nad System. I want a better cable for my CD player. I have two choices, Equinox 6 or King Cobra. Wich one could be more transparent and natural sounding? Thanks for your advise!

CD NAD 542
PRE C160
AMP C270
Spks. Paradign Signature S4
Sub. PSB HD10
I use King Cobra and they present a full and detailed sound. Never a thought of changing cables since obtaining these.

I have used NAD gear about 30 years and in my opinion the King Cobras will allow you to hear your systems full potential.

I have never owned/heard Wireworld products.
Thank you very much for your advise!!!

Darkkeys, in base of your knowledge, are those cables (Audioquest)actualy made in China?
Not USA made anymore? They are reliable?
Yeah, they are made in China.
hey But be careful about countfeits...they're all from China.

just a friendly warning.
And buying from authorised dealers aren't 100% either... There was an authorised dealer for Oyadie busted for selling counterfeits...
I believe that the real AudioQuest Co. is in Irvina, CA
Clean sounding but no where near the natural tone and foundation possible with transparent, not to mention low level detail retrieval:)
Has anyone compared the King Cobra to the old MIT MI-330 inter connect?