Audioquest King Cobra - Genuine or Fake

Please, I buy used Audioquest Audioquest King Cobra cables. They don't come with a box and I was sceptic.

Photos are on

Are these cables genuine or fake?

Thank you for your help

I'm not sure why someone would take the time and effort to counterfeit a $150 pair of ICs.
Yet, there really are fake King Cobra on the market, according to the information available on the internet.

You can ask Audioquest. Don't send them, because when they are fake you will not get them back. They will crush them in pieces.
This is no answer to your question, but how do they sound in your system?
To Bio

Thank you for reminding me the last and ultimate option.

I've sent an email to Audioquest.

to Lowrider,

I am yet to try them as my system isn't working at the moment so there is no way to tell.

Your conductors look to be the wrong colors
I'm not sure why someone would take the time and effort to counterfeit a $150 pair of ICs.
It's the same reason anyone counterfeits anything. $$.
$150 selling price; $5 cost of goods sold. R&D cost $0. Marketing cost $0. Gross profit $145/unit. Sell 1000 of them and you are talking real $.
To Tsugury,

The color problem does not seem to be an issue regarding the genuinety of the cables. I have been asking around and nobody has said anything about the color.
I would take AQ's claim of counterfeit with a gain of salt. I recall NBS tended to claim the cables not coming thru their own channel of resellers are all fake. They did that to me as well, when my system was using all NBS cables (several thousand dollars back in '90s, not a small investment!) I dumped all my NBS cables in protest.

Nevertheless, most counterfeit cables I see are from Asia, usually the premium priced cables. However, I would not be surprised if somebody would counterfeit a $150 cables. Google around and you'd read news on an Asian country making fake bun, fake egg, fake baby formula powder, fake American OTC medication, you name it.

But then again ... in United States ... we have people who claimed themselves expert DIYers, buy bulk cables from Home Depot or Lowes, then re-package them in fancy jackets et al and charge $$$ as giant-killers audio cables. Obviously legal. Doesn't make one feels better, however.


P.S. AQ's way of 'validating' cable is somewhat unusual. If you send the cables to AQ for authentication, and they think it's a fake, they would destroy it and not returning anything to you.