Audioquest KE-4 silver speaker cable

I have noticed in Audioquest's new ads a list of all of their products. The one I am interested in is KE4 speaker cable. It is the silver version of CV4. CV4 is an update of Type 4, with upgraded copper. CV4 has received good reviews. I am a proponent of silver, so I am interested in the KE4. Has anyone had a chance to see or hear KE4? Also, does anyone know the price and/or availability? Thank you all for your consideration.
Hey Trel, I am using SA-40, which is the same cable BPH (before price hike), "Functionally perfect silver", instead of the KE-4's "perfect surface silver" Mine cost $50 running foot new. I think that the KE is $75 running foot. It's BS,as far as the price increase goes, but the cable is incredible. I absolutely LOVE my SA-40, and I WISH I had another pair for biwire (currently using CV4 on the bottom, SA-40 on top (really, really nice)) There is no more of the SA-40 in Audioquest's warehouse. If you can find one of those "fly by night" retailers with a good price, buy it, you wont regret it (after at least 200 hours, anyway.)
Gthirteen, I just got an information packet in the mail from Audioquest. Interestingly enough, it also contains literature on the old cable line. Have to say I was mighty impressed by your SA-40. In my opinion, you probably got 99+% of the KE-4, at 2/3 the price(not a bad day's work). I am really happy that you have found such a fantastic speaker cable. Also, I don't think you're giving very much up at all with your biwiring scheme; employing CV-4 on the LF. Would love to try either cable, but the price is a bit steep for me. Well, maybe one day, I'll see some used. I would buy without audition, as I have a real affinity for the copper versions of both these, and the upmarket cables by Audioquest. Nice bass, and more neutral(or should I say middle of the road?) through the mids/HF than most I have heard. Thank you very much.
Hey, Trelja, I'm on the hunt for more SA-40 right now, I want to replace the CV-4. If I find any, my guess it that it will be someone who bought a roll from Audioquest when it was discontinued, meaning that it MIGHT be substantially cheaper than list. If you want, I can try to find some for you, too. What's your MAX, and what length do you want??
Thanks Gthirteen! I would need an 8 foot pair(6 feet now, but I don't want to have to give them up in the future due to length). I would hope for a discount of at least 50% from original list. Feel free to contact me at any time. Thanks again.