Audioquest K2 - Genuine or Fake

Please, I buy used Audioquest K2 cables. Seller write me, that cables bought in auhorized shop. But after I receive cables, I was sceptic about this. cables, what I receive are silver plated copper.
Photos are on
Are these cables genuine or fake?
It's certainly fake.
Yeah, I agree with Czarivey. Those don't look quite right. Sorry, but I'm afraid you got scammed.
Yes certainly fake.

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It is a fake one from China. When you would send them to Audioquest, they will cut it in pieces.

This one is made in China. I already find 2 factories who make fake Audioquest cables. I informed Audioquest about it.

I also found out that an internet shop in Germany sells many different brands like: Purist Audio, Audioquest, Kimber, Nordost and many more. They ask 10 times the price they have to pay for it in China. It is difficult to stop it. I informed all the different brands about their fake cables.

You can easilly find the companies who sell these fake cables. They often use copper and steel.

The K2 is a very expensive cable, people need to use their common sense when you buy them. Normally used you pay at least 40% of the new price.
How do you know that the OP's cables are fake? Looking at both pictures I'm not sure if I see the difference.
The terminals are very cheap. Audioquest do not use these.

It is ful silver as on the picture.

Audioquest does not use their name on the backside of the dbs.
Thanks. I see exactly what you are talking about.
You're welcome!