Audioquest interconnects need opinions

I am looking at Audioquest interconnects to use from my preamp to my Matin logan Descent sub.
Would the copperhead, sidewinder, or dimondback be a good choice for this application?
I need at least 2-meters.

I suppose if you get their more expensive cables, AQ would be OK. A better value, and probably as good/better performance, would be some used Straightwire Maestro II or some old MIT 330's IMO.
I believe Audioquest makes a cable for subs.
I had 1500 dollars worth of Cheetah laying around when my Sub Utopia arrived, so I used it until I could order the correct length sub cable from AQ. They have their own ideas here and it WORKS!! Sub-1 or Sub-3, it is up to you, I am a DBS fan because I have systems in the garage and in my shop that might not be used for weeks at a time. These cables are very affordable which is good because they don't seem to come up on the gon. Z.