Audioquest - IC especially - are these smooth or


I had the older Audioquest Audiotruth cables and there were good, very smooth as well ...what about the new stuff.

Analytical or warmer side for cables?


My dad just replaced all cables in his rig with Audioquest Panthers and Sky interconnects and Mont Blanc speaker cables and WOW! His system sounds fantastic, for the record Audio Research pre, Classe amps, Esoteric multi disc and VPI Scoutmaster into Legacy focus 20/20 speakers.
I currently use volcano and anaconda both are very smooth and detailed.

I had the AQ Sky IC's in my system for a while and ended up selling them. They are real nice, but I like my PAD Vensutas better.

They are smooth and very detailed, best soundstage I've heard from any cables in my system so far. I use Cheetahs and Skys. I love them, but the wife is not as impressed as I am. She thinks they are a little to bright.
Tom has a great point about soundstage...really great with the Audioquest.
No such thing as bright cables. They simply transfer signal from one place to the other. Bright sound is from the components in the system. Cables do not create anything. They are passive.
Flemke, Passive or not, you are wrong if you think cables are not able to swing the sound of your system one way or the other. Compare some of the solid silver cables out there to some of the gold alloys and then tell me the components have just changed how they sound.
If it's bright it's from your components. Cable conducts signal. Yes,cable can work as an EQ and many silly people pay huge amounts of money for this effect. If silver makes your system sound bright,your system has some piece that is bright. Silver alone cannot create a forward sound.
Wrong some cables do indeed sound "bright" because they transfer high frequencies disproportionately to other frequencies. Also if a cable is becoming reactive in the upper registers this will have the effect of creating "glare" in the treble and this too is an aspect of bright sound. What you need to find are cables that complements your components and speakers. I would also suggest you audition Cardas, Nordost and the new cables from Synergistic Research.
Cables do EQ the sound. I agree.
Cables have an effect on every aspect of the sound not merely frequency response. Also effected are phase information and rhythm and pace- some cables seem to slow the signal down to the point music seems to skip a beat while others seem to speed the signal up. I've just finished an exhaustive search and one things for sure- no one cable works in all applications.