Audioquest Hurricane vs Cardas Clear Beyond vs Audience SX power cables

Has any one directly compared these power cables?
If so, can you please share your experience.
Thank you in advance.

I checked that review out as well, but many people seem to not agree with his findings... system dependance I guess, or maybe his review system is not that reference level...
For example, the Hurricane source is described as a cable that would make everything sound like covered with a warm chocolate sauce... thus covering detail... That would surprise me a lot... I heard the Blizzard in my system, which is of the same psc plus only, but not of the similar triple wrapped construction, and it sounded nicely detailed, separating voices and instruments on busy stages. I would imagine the Hurricane to go even further...
I did appreciate Jays incredible effort though...
Having owned the AQ Hurricanes, I didn't agree with the Audio Bacon power cord review,  until I compared the Hurricane's to another power cord. I agree that the Hurricane's mask details. My experience is just a reminder that everything I hear must be put into context and there are truly no absolutes in Audio. 
I too found the hurricane on the warm side of neutral. just needs to be used in the right spot.