AudioQuest Hurricane High Current Question.

I have bought an AudioQuest Hurricane and received it yesterday. I had asked for High Current cable and they sent me High (Variable) Current cable. Is there any difference between the two? Also, the DBS is on the cable side which goes in the electric socket and not the side which goes in the component. This is the first time I have seen it. Is it anything to worry about? Thanks.


According to the website, there are only two options, High-Variable and Source-Constant.

If you look at the photo, the DBS is near the plug (wall end).

I believe you got the correct one. I assume you wanted for an amp or power conditioner. This is the one I use on my ARC Ref 160m amps and it sounds amazing. You would want the other for a source component.

Thanks guys. Good to know, just wanted to confirm. It is sounding awesome. I will get the source down the road. Just have to break this in first.

So if you got a preamp with built in headphone amp like my benchmark would that be better suited for hc hurricane or source hurricane?

Curious if anyone has compared or listened to the AudioQuest Hurricane vs the new Furutech Project V1 cord? ( not that I could afford either 😕)


Good question. I am thinking I would get the variable. Amps tend to be more sensitive to the PC… so you want to make sure you don’t limit the current. 

Not from my experience, just thinking through.