Audioquest Granite..

I have heard this cable has much in common with the Bedrock line...which sounded warm, rich, and very deep in my system...if a touch muted...anybody have info on the Granite line...or upper end AQ in general...I see alot of AQcables this good or bad? I do like their "mellow" sound though..cheers
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I bought a pair of Granite single biwires with spade terminations last spring from AudioAdvisor. I believe they still are on sale there for about $200 for a 10' pair.

I really like these cables a lot-- upgrading from regular spool bare wire made an absolutely audible difference in my system: much better bass and better detail overall. This was my first foray into decent cables and I am very happy I made the purchase. It's a pretty painless way to see if all the fuss over cables makes a difference to your ears.

Purchased 2 12ft. pairs of Audioquest Granite from Audio Advisor also. Was using Slate Biwire before. The Granite has made a remarkable difference in the sound. The sound is warm and the highs are crisp and clean.

I am using McIntosh equipment and with the Audioquest Vipers as my interconnect between amp and preamp, the sound is wonderful.
I'm still using a 6 ft pair of bi-wired Granites I bought as a "temporary solution". They are essentially a double run of 4 solid conductors which makes them a natural choice for bi-wiring. As for the sound, I feel they do no wrong to the signal which is all I ask a cable to do. On paper these cables may appear to be the weakest element in my system, but I like them. I'm sure far more expensive cables may sound better, but spending gobs of money on cables is a low priority for me right now. Until then these are staying, I simply have no major criticism of them.