Audioquest Golden Gate or Big Sur mini-to-mini cable for my car use?

I plan to pick up one of these mini-to-mini cables(1 meter) to connect my phone to the AUX input in my cars. I can afford either cable. Big Sur is supposed to be the better cable, but with road and wind noise while driving, I’m not sure the extra money is worth it for the Big Sur. Has anyone had experience with these? Thanks!
If it were me I would go with the cheapest option.  Honestly, with road noise, traffic, and all of the other distractions involved in driving how attentively can you actually listen?  I acknowledge the value and differences cables make but I don't see it in this case. ymmv
I'm currently using a cable that might be considered the cheapest option -- a Griffin 1 meter cable.  It doesn't sound bad, but you never know if a higher quality cable will make a difference until you try it.  So, I was going to try one of the AQ cables.
I concur with Nutella, when you count road/engine noise, I doubt you will notice much difference unless you have really sensitive hearing.
Also, consider that all your cables and equipment will be subjected to heat and cold, which will also affect performance.

Thanks, I went with the cheaper Golden Gate, and I had an Amazon gift card my kids had given me, so it didn't cost me much.
Good call

the mini RCA to mini RCa cable link is not the Raod to OZ most  important link for headphone or car audio.  Instead, an investment in a quality build mini- DAC/headphone amp, an APPLE  camera lightning to USB converter (if required) , AND a high-resolution player app to go along with a mini-RCA cable is a better upgrade path. The AQ mini-RCA cable performance difference between your models in a direct bake-off is negligibleto nil.


(1) the “standard” internal phone DAC is a cheap comparative  low level part and low-level audio performer available to be bypassed with an external mini- mini-DAC/headphone amp capable of hi-Rez digital file playback

(2) the “standard” internal phone player app is likewise a low level minimal quality and comparatively poor performer lacking hi-Rez output, that can be supported,anted with a new player app capable of hi-Rez playback.

- The external USB MINI- DAC (and Apple camera Lightening to USB converter if required for IOS)

- the hi-Rez player app available via download 
(a) ONKYO HF PLAYER for iPhone or Android
(b) TEAC HR AUDIO PLAYER ...ibid...

@ akg_ca
Thanks, very interesting.  So, in addition to the analog signal that comes out of my Galaxy S8 cell phone, is there also a digital signal?  BTW, the content that I'm playing on my phone is SiriusXM and Amazon Music.
If it’s SIRIUSXM or AMAZON MUSIC, ( I use TIDAL which has a hi-Rez option as well as “ standard” compressed MP3 ...I’m not a S or A subscriber ...) they appesr to be the latter ultra compressed MP3 level formats

if if so then a hi-Rez upgrade in hardware or software is a noble thought but a playback upgrade waste if you are only dealing with a low-level compressed streaming digital format steaming over the air .
In direct non-hi-Rez (320kps) mode digital file playback directly to the car input , the 3.5mm mini-RCA cable upgrade from a “standard” link suffers also a similar fate.


I have a top WIREWORLD 3.5 mini to mini RCA cable in my hi-Rez playback. It’s a big step up from cheap throw- in phone accessory IFF with the AQ Dragonfly / Onkyo Hi-Rez app ensemble, AND (emphasis added) HI-REZ format input.  The audio playback performance improvement on a hi-Rez source file (TIDAL for streaming, or resident on my iPhone) is not subtle.

my take

Unless you choose to eventually upgrade and adopt a different full high-resolution digital streaming source (a la TIDAL) or a direct hi-Rez recorded digital file sourced and resident on your phone , then stick with the basic cheap setup and accessories.
I also concur with streaming a high resolution signal.
I can hear the difference between XM- Spotify-Tidal, easily.( The latter being the best).
So, today I received the Golden Gate mini-to-mini interconnect cable.  Immediately upon connecting them, they don't sound any better than the el cheapo Griffin cable I've been using.  Actually, it may sound worse at this point, seemingly making vocals sound more "edgy". 

I don't know how much I subscribe to the notion that cables "break in" over time, but I will keep playing them for a while and see if anything changes.  I have until March 29 to return them.  Unless the AQ cables start sounding noticeably better than the el cheapo cables, I'll return them.